Priyanka Chopra’s fitness Formula

Priyanka Chopra’s fitness Formula

Priyanka Chopra

Physical Stats

Priyanka Chopra Height: 5’ 6”

Priyanka Chopra Weight: 117 lbs

Diet Plan

She follows a simple and balanced diet. She eats something in every two hours to keep her metabolism rate going and to stay energized. Priyanka Chopra’s diet plan includes-

  • For breakfast she has 2 egg whites or sometimes oatmeal with a glass of skimmed milk.
  • She drinks a glass of coconut water with handful of nuts every two hours.
  • Her lunch comprises of dal, veggies with two chapattis and salad.
  • For evening snack she has a turkey sandwich or a sprout salad.
  • Her dinner is mostly soup followed by grilled chicken or fish with some sautéed veggies.
  • She indulges on tandoori food, cakes and chocolates on weekends.
  • She includes a lot of green veggies and fruits in her diet to provide all important minerals and protein.

Workout Routine

She is blessed with a lean sexy figure. She does not put on weight easily so she doesn’t need to work too much on her body. But she is very passionate to stay healthy and fit and workout for an hour four times a week. She is not a regular gym goer but she never misses her workout. Priyanka Chopra’s workout routine includes the following-

  • Her gym workout starts with running on treadmill for 15 minutes
  • Then she does push-ups followed by reverse lunges
  • She does 20-25 bench jumps and 20-25 reverse crunches
  • She also does 60 seconds plank hold and 20-25 bicep curls with light weights
  • She prefers resistance training over weight training
  • When not going to gym she does running and spinning
  • She also practices yoga and swear by it to keep physical as well as mental fitness.

Workout Tips

  • Incorporate yoga in your workout regime for your physical and mental fitness
  • Indulge in your favorite dishes once a week to control cravings
  • Drink plenty of fluids daily.