Sunny Leone Fitness Secrets:

Sunny Leone Fitness Secrets:


With her fresh beauty and curvaceous body, Sunny has managed to capture the hearts of billions of people around the world. She is envied for her toned physique and good complexion, which she is able to maintain even after leading a hectic lifestyle. She travels frequently from India to the US. Sunny Leone herself famously quoted, “There are no perfect bodies, there are only fit bodies.”

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Sunny Leone Fitness Secrets:

Let us take a look at a few tips that Sunny Leone has shared with her countless fans. Why not try and incorporate them into our lifestyle!

  1. With her toned body, it is anybody’s guess that she suggests everyone to visit the gym. To keep herself fit, she visits the gym at least 2 to 3 times a week
  2. While traveling, she prefers practicing yoga and pilates.
  3. She is lucky to have her own personal on-call gym buddy-her husband. He is her manager too, and is always there to motivate her even when she wants to skip the gym.
  4. She opts for cardio and performs a routine including squats and lunges for those toned glutes and

Nutrition Tips:

Apart from exercises, her beauty secret also lies on the kind of nutrition she is getting from the diet. Let’s have a look:

  1. She is a coffee aficionado and takes her coffee black or with non fat cream, which she gets from her shopping trips abroad. In fact, her freezer is fully stocked with these antioxidant and diuretic beans. Coffee has long been touted to have antioxidant properties, and is a perfect pre and post workout drink.
  2. She opts for a lot of fruits and vegetables. Salads are her preferred snack. The fiber and water content in salad fills up the tummy. She avoids heavy dressings such as ranch and mayo, and opts for light vinaigrettes instead.
  3. She believes in snacking between meals on healthy 100 calorie snacks to avoid mindless grazing.
  4. She is a believer in the “8 glasses of water a day mantra” and is often found carrying a water bottle to guzzle up.
  5. She tries to eat healthy, incorporating vegetables and milk in her every day diet.