The Thalaiva-Superstar Rajinikanth

The Thalaiva-Superstar Rajinikanth


Superstar Fitness Secret

Superstar Rajinikanth is on a strict fitness regime, making himself able and active to shoot for ‘Rana’. Since the film’s shoot is set to be restarted soon, the numero uno actor of Tamil cinema is equipping himself to play a triple role with morning walks, yoga and simple exercises.

“Rajini is seen going on walk in the mornings inside the Sri Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam premises and in the Poes Garden area, where his residence is located. This is after completing yoga sessions. He is also doing minor exercises,” sources say.

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Some More Unkown Facts About THE Thalaiva

1) Before getting his big break in the film industry, Rajinikanth worked as a bus conductor for the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation in Bangalore.

2) Rajinikanth has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and even English films. However, he\’s never appeared in a Marathi film, despite it being his mother tongue.

3) Rajinikanth’s favourite actor is Kamal Haasan. The duo have acted together in quite a few films.

4) Rajinikanth had a passion for acting right from his school days. He used to play the role of the villain in a number of school plays, but Ravana was his favourite.

5) After every film, Rajinikanth takes a break from Chennai and usually visits the Himalayas.

6) The same room is allotted for him in the hotels he visits including Rishikesh where he stays during his Himalayan trips.

7) It is believed that when Rajinikanth was young he used to pester his brother to tell stories and activities related to his mother Jakkubai.

8) Rajinikanth’s regular schedule includes waking up at 5 every morning; meditating and an hour long walk in the evening for physical fitness.

9) Rajinikanth prefers to stay at his farmhouse and rarely stays at his house in Boyes Garden.

10) In his Boyes garden house, Rajinikanth has reserved a special place as advised by vaastu experts for pooja and meditation. He usually spends time meditating and praying in this room.