Green Tea – The Healthy Road to Weight Loss

Green Tea – The Healthy Road to Weight Loss


There is a cure to everything. From a rough day, a stressful schedule, an obese body, a lull you feel in your own vigor to a straining pain in the teeth. But haven’t we learnt enough that prevention is better than cure? Imagine a package that serves as prevention to all of the above and more. Thought you knew everything about green tea and its benefits? Then it is definitely time for a little eye opening session.  Most people know green tea for its weight loss characteristic. However, what most of us forget to remember that nothing in this world comes singular. Like any other product, green tea also has several other benefits that can only work if it is consumed in the right manner. Here is a small insight into the benefits that one can gain with the consumption of green tea.

  1. The Energy Factor – Green tea is a thermogenic enhancing agent that tends to burn more calories than the normal ones. According to The Fit Indian the same attribute of green tea helps to boost energy levels in the human body by keeping a check on the insulin. A cup thus gives you a good distance from irritability and fatigue. Green tea also consists of the three main ingredients that help in losing weight, the reason green tea is most sought after. Catechin, caffeine and theanine combine together to give your body a good metabolism hence making it quicker at burning the calories by shedding the excess fat.
  2. Cholesterol Woes – Green tea is efficient at improving the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol. In a small study of male smokers as per University of Maryland Medical Center researchers found that green tea significantly reduced blood levels of harmful LDL cholesterol.
  3. Anti-Cancer properties – In countries like Japan, the rate of cancer is lesser as compared to others where the consumption of green tea is not as high. Green tea is a storehouse of antioxidants which prevents different types of cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. The Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) present ensures that the healthy cells are not targeted by the cancer infected cells, thus helping to avoid the same.
  4. The Dental Relief – Fluoride is another substance in green tea that prevents tooth decay and bad breath. The anti bacterial characteristics do not allow cavities or gum diseases to develop.
  5. The Brain Boom – Professors at University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences have now found sufficient evidence to demonstrate that natural compounds in green tea improve age related cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. A population study by Dr. Kuriyama’s group measured on the Mini-Mental Status Examination showed that more than 1,000 Japanese adults 70 years of age or older, regularly consumed green tea and have a lower risk as well as occurrence of cognitive impairment.

But as we know too well by now, excess is never without side effects. If not consumed in the right manner, even the simplest processes by which green tea benefits us can go haywire and produce unexpectedly harmful results.

  • The caffeine in green tea is something all pregnant women should strictly stay away from. The product is a natural instigator of sleeplessness, dehydration etc. To stay within bounds with a maximum of 3-5 cups a day would do well to the human body.
  • If you are a regular at drinking green tea, it is essential that you add lemon to it so that the tannin does not act on the fruits and vegetables consumed and absorb all the iron instead.
  • Freshly prepared green tea is the best form to have it in as old tea turns into a breeding place for bacteria. While the tea is warm and fresh, its anti-bacterial properties are quicker at acting.
  • Adding sugar to the tea spoils the flavor, the effects and damages the nutrients present otherwise. To sweeten the taste, replace the sugar with honey for best results. According to the American Health Association, adding sugar increases chances of weight gain as well and contributes to the epidemic of obesity instead.
  • If you are a patient of kidney, liver disease or a bleeding, nervous disorder it should be well established by your physician if consumption of green tea would be advisable. Scientists believe that combining drugs or other supplements with green tea can trigger a chemical reaction that would only damage the insides of the body.
  • For all those who bank on green tea as an all time favorite, the trick is to ensure that it is only a mild and not an overly concentrated tea. Too strong or concentrated tea extracts can be the cause of liver problems to the human body.

So before jumping onto it as the flawless substitute for all that sweat dripping effort upon yourself, make sure you know everything about green tea. Reap the benefits but not before you’ve taken out the weeds.


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