12 gym commandants to follow

12 gym commandants to follow


There is no gym decorum that we know of. But I believe abiding by these commandants will not only keep you on track but also create a positive and comfortable environment for people around you. Gym is a place where people not only come to achieve good bodies but also to feel good about themselves so we should keep our rude and bullying attitudes by the bay.

1) Clean and well-fitted attire

It’s one thing that drives me for sure. I can’t work out if I don’t look good. Working out is a tribute to our beautiful bodies so why compromise. Buying expensive gym wear is not what I am talking about but wearing anything that makes you feel confident is important. For all the fitativs including me gym is like a power-puffed club and working out is a party, so we dress up in line with the occasion. Look Good- Feel Good-Work Hard-Get Good.

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2) Always wear socks

Wearing socks will not only diffuse that mind boggling stench but also help you maintain your balance while lifting especially when doing squats and lunges (personal experience) on the smith machine.

3) Focus

Well, not everyone that comes to the gym comes for a workout. There is a brigade of people that either come to meet new people or to chit- chat around. All you need to understand is not everyone is privileged enough to afford a gym like you do. Exploit this opportunity to extremes.

4) No Make-up ladies

Yes you are pretty without that make up on! Be confident of your appearance. An appropriate make –up for the gym is your sweat! A healthy body is a beautiful body. Treat the root and beauty will come to you naturally. Besides, wearing make-up looks really weird and out of place. Please avoid.

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5) Weights belong to everybody

The guy next to you is also paying the same amount as you for gym services. Therefore stop hoarding the weights. Always ask before using a bench or machine . Alternating is a bad idea if the other person is using too much or too less weight, coz then it will take a lot of time changing it back n forth. Just wait until they’re done till then find something else to do.

6) Stop hogging the machines

Generally people just tend to occupy machines and rest before their next set. Not Cool. Be gracious enough to finish your reps and step aside for the next guy.

7) Clean up after yourself

I know you are sweating your heart out in the gym but make sure you clean up after using a bench or machine. Those sweat puddles are never a pleasant sight and are also unhygienic at the same time. Be considerate fitativs.


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8) Watch your clothes

Trust me nobody wants to see your assets. It’s like the worst thing to see right in the morning. Always keep a check on your clothes during every workout position you take. Those never-ending mirrors are bliss. Use them.

9) Stop making those sex noises

And you thought it was impressive! Excessive yelling and grunting is not necessary and if you can’t  control but grunt u better go for lighter weights. It’s very annoying for people around. Be civic in your approach.

10) Honor the new guys

Don’t under-estimate the new fitativs in the gym. Be supportive. Don’t bully them. You never know they might just surprise you by the end of the year.

11) Headphones

Headphones on: world off. I personally hate when I am listening to favorite number while concentrating on my workout and someone tries to talk to me. Bugging someone while they are lifting is the dumbest thing anyone could and talking to someone while they have their ear-phones on is a sin. Wearing earphones clearly mean Do Not Disturb, I Am in My Comfort Zone. Please respect those headphones.

12) Stop staring

Gym is full of good looking people. So this goes to all ladies and gentlemen stop staring at that guy or girl. Not cool. You are just making them uncomfortable. Besides if you are really interested in someone just go ahead and talk to them. Staring is annoying and unethical at the same time.

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