17 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

17 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight


Are you working your asses of in the gym and also making sure you are eating right, but not losing weight? Losing weight can be challenging, technically it takes around a month or so depending on your body type to feel that change. And when I say a month I mean four weeks of sheer hard work, dedication and willpower. Losing weight is like a process of evolution, you start from some changes in diet & lifestyle and go on till you have achieved what you wanted. Make losing weight your priority and a promise to yourself. After all you are the one who will reap its benefits, so putting in a half hearted effort and expecting 100% results is not how nature works. After trying and testing many things and being in the same place once where you might be now, I came to realize that there might be some people who are not losing weight even after doing their best. Here is my own checklist to ascertain that I’m getting the results I deserve. Find out what might be your reason for not losing weight.

      1. Thinking you are not losing weight?
        According to both science and philosophy being pessimistic about anything right from your career to your personal life and to even weight loss will never yield anything positive. You’ve got to be positive and keep working towards it. Basically it’s a vicious cycle starting right from one thought that you are not gaining anything even after all you have done for it. With this thought in your mind your will-power goes for a toss and your workout goes down this big smelly drain. Hence keep calm, think positive and hit the gym.
      2. Drinking too much or too less water
        Much – I know I know I may be sounding crazy to you because the world says drinking water helps you lose weight but there is this whole new side to it. Too much water might cause temporary stomach bloating leading to weight gain. This mostly happens when you consume a quarter or more of water right after a meal. Dr Margaret McCartney says drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a “thoroughly debunked nonsense”. Drink when your body wants it. Why go against body needs!
        Less – There are two scientifically proven reasons that drinking enough water boosts weight loss.

        1. Filling your gut with water will suppress hunger.
        2. Getting enough water will lead to excretion of retained water in the body through digestion thereby getting rid of bloating and water weight.
      3. Irregular or no bowel movement
        It’s a not-so-regular bowel movement, a problem we all go through once in a while. But for people who face it regularly might end up not losing weight. It’s always better to do some home remedies before any medication such as increase your fiber intake in the form of fruits and vegetables and also increase your water intake to make it easy and balanced.
      4. Skipping meals especially breakfast
        It has never been about NOT eating, but always about eating RIGHT!
        This is how it works:-

        Image Source: http://www.larmoiredelana.com/

        Moreover skipping breakfast is a big NO for people trying to lose weight. It’s the first and most important meal of the day. No matter how late you are running for work or college DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. Skipping Breakfast not only messes with your metabolism but also concentration and cardiac health. Here is a list of breakfast foods, choose according to your own taste.

      5. Are you sleeping tight?
        17 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

        Sleep is the way your body rejuvenates itself. Lack of sleep clearly can mean a lot of things, lack of peace, lots of stress, anxiety, etc. etc. Not sleeping will eventually aggravate hunger and appetite. For a healthy living you need at least 7 to 8 hours of an uninterrupted sleep.

      6. No In-between snacks
        So when I say snacks it doesn’t mean any chips or pastries. I simply mean go for healthy snacks in between meals to avoid any hunger pangs.

        Image Source: http://thebestcookierecipes.net/
      7. Pre and Post workout snacks
        For a powerful workout at the gym, consume a pre-workout snack at least 30-60 minutes before your workout. Likewise, after your last rep it’s important to recover with a post workout snack. Here is a list of some pre & post workout snacks.
      8. Unhealthy add-ons
        Avoid high calorie salad dressings like cheese, bacon, mayo etc. Eating at Subway always looks like a healthy option but that heavy dressings and fillings turns it into an unhealthy snack! Choose your add-ons wisely.
      9. Hormonal imbalance
        One reason you might not be losing weight is, may be your hormones are acting up straight. This may happen due to imbalanced digestion, depression or stress, excessive insulation, lack of thyroid hormones, imbalanced estrogen or testosterone. Get yourself checked right away.
      10. Weight loss resistance
        According to a study some people just tend to resist any weight loss due to their genetic design. Some people have a stronger metabolism than others. But it can be worked on with proper guidance.
      11. Alcohol
        If you drink regularly losing weight is a far off dream for you. The phrase ‘Excess of everything is bad’ goes for alcohol as well. Arizona based personal trainer Lucas James made a shocking discovery explaining the connection between alcohol and weight gain.
      12. Only Cardio and no Weight Training
        A run on the treadmill surely takes your energy to the next level but is it contributing towards you losing weight? I feel cardio is a confusing workout to do every day. One can never figure out which part of the body is getting affected but making weight training a regular part of your regime will definitely yield a positive result.
      13. May be its too early
        So are you expecting weight loss just after a week’s workout? This is not fair, I mean you’ve probably hogged on food for like years together and expect it all to come down in a week’s time. Weight loss is like an evolution and will take its own sweet time with its share of hard-work.
      14. Either you are just dieting or just working out
        A healthy diet and a crazy workout must go hand-in-hand for best result.

        Image Source: http://www.better-exercise-fitness-for-life.com/
      15. You turn to food for comfort
        There are times when nothing in life is making any sense and it’s at this time most of us turn on our unhealthy eating mode. Guys try not to lose your focus because at the end of the day you will have one more thing to feel disgusted about.
      16. Having too much of dairy products
        All dairy products are high in lactose and carbohydrates, which will hamper losing weight. Go for skimmed milk, soya milk or fat-free Greek yogurt instead of full-fat dairy.
      17. Believe in yourself
        A cheat meal or skipping gym for a day should not affect your focus on losing weight. It’s perfectly O.K. that it happens once in a while. You will get back the next day with more power in both head and hand.



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