5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga

5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga


Amazing benefits of Yoga

“Health is wealth”

All of us are very well aware of this notion but only a few take necessary steps to maintain a healthy life. Fatigue, stress, obesity and other health related problems make us prone to getting sick. If you are getting sick or obese day by day and would like to change your unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one, then yoga (asana) is the best option for you.

Benifits of yoga

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Yoga is a breakthrough in this vicious circle of stress, anxiety, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. It makes your body and mind rejuvenated and refreshes your senses. Yoga originated in India and is a natural and holistic way to de-stress, detoxify, and slim your body. It dates back to thousands of years when yoga was considered to be the ultimate solution for any kind of physiological or mental problems. There are thousands of benefits of yoga, but the best ones are as follows :

   1.Lose weight easily:

Lose Weight

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You can lose weight easily by doing some serious yoga asanas like Setu Bandh or bridge pose, Mandukasan, Dhanurasana, Shalbasana, Chakki Chalan or the Grinding Pose, Nauka Chalan or the Boat Pose. These are some of the most exciting and promising yoga asanas with the help of which you can easily shed those extra fat from your thighs, hips, waist, belly and other flabby parts of your body. You do not need to spend hours in a gym if you could only invest half an hour or some minutes for these awesome yogas. You can shed your extra pounds by simply following some basic yoga movements in the early morning before starting your big day at the office or simply at home

   2. Great stress buster :

Stress Buster

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Yoga relaxes your nerves and body. It relaxes your body and mind to a huge extent. Yogas like Balasanas (child’s pose), Setu Bandha (Bridge Pose), Ultasana ( Forward bending position while standing), Garudasana (Eagle bending pose), Utthita Trikonasan (Extended triangle pose) and Savasana (lying straight on the ground pose) are some of the most effective yogas that can actually help you feel rejuvenated. Out of these yogas, you will love Savasana or the corpse pose as you have to do nothing but lie down straight and relax while closing your eyes. Meditation and Pranayam are also highly effective and promising for relieving from stress.

   3.Great source of energy:

energy source

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Yes, that’s right! Yoga can be a great source for providing energy and can help you achieve a healthy and energetic life. If you can spend 10 to 15 minutes of your valuable time on yoga and meditation, you are sure to feel the adrenaline flow in your body. Yogas like the Cobra pose, Downward Dog pose, Bow pose, Tree pose, Wheel pose, Bridge pose, Shoulder stand pose and Fish pose are some of the best asanas for that inflow of unlimited energy. Make a routine habit of doing at least 10 minutes of yoga for getting a full day of energy and refreshment.

   4.Great healer

Great Healer


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Nowadays, it is getting tougher to have a peaceful life amidst all kinds of hassles of work, job, relationships and what not! Having a tension free mind is a dream we all desire, but unfortunately we don’t get peace. But now, with different kinds of yoga, nothing seems to be impossible. Yoga can relieve you from all kinds of fatigue, anxiety, inner conflict and frustrations. Meditation is another gateway to have a complete peaceful life. It makes you feel the serene flavor of peaceful existence. Meditation can heal your mind and make you feel alive. Yoga helps to heal depressions and tensions and relaxes your body and mind to an enormous extent.

   5.Enhances your immune system

Imuune System


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Yoga makes your immunity system strong and protects you from getting sick frequently. You get sick when you don’t feel well. Yoga makes your body relax. Yoga poses surprisingly massages your body muscles and makes you feel good making your mind and body feel better and tension free. Yoga helps you fight diseases like thyroid, diabetes and arthritis.

Yoga is a boon for all health conscious people. It has spread its roots all over the globe including major countries like the United States of America and even Great Britain. Yoga has become a basic necessity for all kinds of people, be it localites or even the Hollywood celebrities, everyone is an admirer of yoga.


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