5 Exciting Workouts for Slimming Hips and Thighs

5 Exciting Workouts for Slimming Hips and Thighs


5 Exciting Workouts for Slimming Hips and Thighs

Women tend to gain extra fat near their waist line, hips and thighs. Centuries ago, people used to believe that fatty people can survive in extremes of climatic conditions like winter and drought. Women with a heavy lower portion would survive in these kinds of extreme calamities due to their body fat. Thousands of years later, these humans have left their off springs like us to dwell on this planet with the same body shape but not with the function of a fatty body to protect us from harsh conditions. Now, at present, this myth does not work. On the contrary, it is a sign of being unfit and unhealthy. Whatever you try to eat like pizza, sandwich, burger or an ice cream, you seem to get these fatty foods stuck in your thighs and hips making these body parts the most troublesome zones of your body. These stubborn fats don’t easily shed away.

Are you planning to wear hot pants this summer or simply want to reshape your bulky body for a new pair of body hugging jeans? If you want to reduce fats from your thighs and hips and are dying to get that perfect butt and an attractive and well toned thighs, don’t worry so much as these 5 gym workouts will surely help to shed fats from these trouble zones.

    1. Squat

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The first and foremost step for slimmer thighs and hips is balancing squat. All you have to do is, stand tall and straight, widen your legs and perform squat while lifting your chest. Do it while tapping on the floor. As you get up, try to hold on your left leg and count 1while keeping your body weight on the right leg. Repeat the same while holding your right leg. Squat can be done in two-three rows but not more than 20 to 25 times.

    2. Hinging dead lift

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This one is another master workout for reducing your lower portion. Hold on to your dumbbells and lean forward near your thighs. Keep your legs widen and bend downwards with the dumbbells while facing towards the floor till the time your torso becomes parallel to the ground. Use your glutes to lift you up for only half the way and then again get back to forward hinge again. This workout is a blessing for all those figure conscious people who want to shape their backs and thighs impeccably.

    3.Shifting side lunges

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Lunges are another way to reduce fats from thigh easily. For doing this workout, you need to stand straight with your dumbbells. Widen your right leg and move towards your right side and bend your left leg. Now, do that again while stretching your left leg while holding weight towards your left side while bending your right leg.

   4.Hip Raise

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Hip raise is my personal favourite and it is one of the most sure shot ways to slim your hips and tone your thighs. Tie a resistance stretch band and lift your right leg sideways for 20 times. Repeat it with your left leg. Do it every day for a month and you can feel the difference.

    5.Side lying leg lift

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Wear a stretch band on your ankles and lie down towards your left side placing your left arm straight on the floor, cross your right leg above your left leg and try to raise your right leg. Make sure you do it for 20 times while keeping your hips tight. Repeat the workout while putting your right arm straight on the floor , lie down sideway and cross your left leg above your right leg and then raise your left leg , do it for another 20 times and you can see how it works!

Apart from these exercises, you can try performing sissy squat, flex extensions, grasshopper on ball, thigh rotator, side kneeling triangle lift, leg circles while standing, toe calf running and bridge and scoop exercises at your nearest gym or fitness centre. Try these simple steps for at least 20 times in a row for 2 sets while listening to some loud music, so that you don’t feel exhausted while doing these workouts. Continue it for a month and see the wonders!

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