5 Reasons Why Women Should Take Up Kickboxing

5 Reasons Why Women Should Take Up Kickboxing


The world is growing larger by the minute and so are the perils to our lives. Fortunately for us, dynamics show that consciousness and awareness on part of the people is on a rise as well. The Lord knows we need a safer world. But till the time comes, there are techniques that equip us to stand up for our own protection. With kickboxing taking up larger and larger spaces in the workout columns, people are growing more and more akin to the concept and realisation of its worth as more than just another tedious workout regime.

Kickboxing is officially a group of combat sports based on kicking and punching. But that is just the water in the tea. Kickboxing as an exercise, takes under its wide expanse fundamentals including cardio conditioning, dance elements, self-defence and fitness benefits as well as martial arts. It has evolved from the older forms of karate, Muay Thai and western boxing.

While we appreciate the self-reliant and self-dependent motivation within you, kickboxing is not the act where you want to demonstrate that. An instructor and a professional disciplined schedule will train you in the art of kickboxing so that you can achieve the targets that you took it up with the intention of achieving. The list of benefits of the workout is sure to impress you and flatter your fitness. What is essential is that you make sure you are in the right condition physically and mentally before you go on to the exercise. Eat enough food with carbohydrates and proteins that will keep your strength and your oxygen levels intact. Being hydrated is an important a factor as any can be, before you feel ready to step up for the workout. With the suited guidance, an energized body and a firm will, all you need are the equipments and gears needed for the sport and you’re all set to wear those boxing gloves!

  • Burning those calories: Kickboxing is a sure-shot to losing out on the flab. Not only is the pace at which it can burn calories notable, it reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes and others associated with the extra fat. Going by the findings of The Best Health, according to the CEO and creator of Femme Fitale, Ontario’s women’s only kickboxing and mixed martial arts program, if the regime also consists of jump rope and conditioning drills it could burn about 750-900 calories/hour.
  • Tone that body: While the punching will serve to help you tone the upper body, the kicking takes care of the rest of the half. Upper arms, shoulders and chest are brought into shape as the body engages in the quick jab and the hook punch. Kickboxing also helps the back as the back muscles are exercised during practice. Kicking will use your energy even to maintain the body stance and balance while toning your legs. On an overall level, this will build up the body’s stamina and flexibility. While moving your hands and legs alternatively, it will serve to improve your co-ordination as well as concentration. The metabolic rate increases and the reflexes are managed better.
  • Increase your endurance: Such a routine not only works on the muscle, ligament and tendon flexibility but also reduces the chances of suffering from a muscle pull or strain. As a result, the blood flow and oxygen levels stabilise. The various hand and leg movements as well as the core strength used help increase the heart rate and improve cardiovascular endurance.
  • Unprecedented Self Defence Art: An unparalleled consequence of training in this art form is the indispensable aid in self defence that it provides you with. Women all over are learning kickboxing for this reason just as much as they are doing it for its weight loss aspect. This is a workout that makes you like to sweat it out as it stuffs you with the confidence about yourself as well as the ability to protect yourself if need be. It is empowering, to say the least to know that all you need is a face to punch on that hurts you in any manner. Self defence has always been the best defence.
  • Relieve your stress & frustration: It is an established fact that the life people are living in this date is the most stressful that human have ever had to survive. It is natural to look for a vent to let out that frustration. Kickboxing provides no lesser than that. The kicks, punches, jumping and running allows you to sweat it out with a sense of pride and triumph even. The reason the punching bag doesn’t have a face is because it gives you space to put one there and win over it every day. With the movements, your body also learns to relax those muscles as you do to your mind. Live Strong says that the endorphins released during such exercises are known to relive the body of stress.

At the end of the day, the fact that you can kick some ass and scare some scallywags with just a flex of those hands and legs is attraction enough to take up this sport. So now that you’re well aware of the know-how and the endless advantages of this workout, don’t hesitate to pick up those gloves and start hitting the bag already!

Image Source: http://mprendurance.com/