6 Tricky Potions to Lose weight

6 Tricky Potions to Lose weight


6 Tricky Potions to Lose weight

Eating healthy and staying slim sounds like an idyllic condition where you don’t really need to think about what to wear and what not to try on your figure. You may make thousands of promises to yourself about avoiding junk food after knowing the fact that you are a pure junkie gorging on wafers, burgers and pastries. If you hit the gym and then plunge in for French fries, pizzas and fried foods and still feel that you are on the right path of losing weight, then you are highly mistaken. So what exactly is the first thing you should do to change your flabby existence?

Well, let’s get started with some drinks which can kick start some serious amount of calorie shedding. These tricky drinks will help you lose weight like anything and work wonders for you.

    1. Lemon and honey drink



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It tastes great and feels wonderful after drinking lemon and honey drink for a couple of days. Start your day with this magical weight loss drink, all you need to do is in a cup of luke warm water, squeeze in one lemon and add half tea spoon of honey and then go for it! The reason for its awesome effect on weight loss is that, lemon helps you get slim if you take it in an empty stomach and honey boosts up your metabolism rate helping you burn fat without making any effort. But with this, do remember to avoid junk foods and be very conscious about your calorie intake. Honey also lowers your cholesterol level, so now can easily check on your lipid level and triglycerides by simply drinking this superb drink in the morning. Drink this and get rid of unwanted fat in no time.

    2. Oolong tea

oolang tea


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Tea has always been a boon for us. it has many good qualities and perks. there are several kinds of herbal teas useful for a healthy body, skin, but the most important part is that some herbal teas have the enormous effect to slim you down without exercising. Among them, the best herbal tea is unquestionably oolong tea. It is a Chinese tea good for reducing fats. As a beginner you can go for 1 or 2 cups a day , then after some days, when your body gets adjusted to this magical slimming tea, you can increase the number of cups per day to 3 or 4. Many people are afraid to try this drink and feel that it will not suit them, but this is a wrong myth. Oolong tea if taken in the right proportion can work wonders for slimming and reducing weight. It helps your body to burn fat for energy consumption. Try this and you can see the difference in six weeks.

    3. Cinnamon and honey



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This is another amazing drink to make you slim. To make this mixture, you need to boil 1 cup of water in a sauce pan with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoon of honey. After boiling it, strain it and divide the solution into two equal halves. Drink the first half before breakfast and the other half before having a good night sleep.

    4. Cayenne pepper and lemon juice

lemon juice


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Cayenne pepper is famous for weight loss program. Have this drink about half an hour before having breakfast and feel the change in a few days. For making this drink, you need to take in luke warm water, about half a glass, then sprinkle about half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder and squeeze in half a lemon in it. Drink this energetic potion and witness its lasting results in a few days. Lemon has vitamin C which detoxifies your skin and keeps your liver healthy. Cayenne pepper helps in digestion, so when lemon and cayenne pepper mix in the right proportion, the product shows dramatic results for weight loss.

    5. Green tea

Green Tea


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This is another awesome herbal tea which helps you flush toxins and lose weight in no time! Have a cup of warm green early in the morning and in the evening. Along with this, avoid sugar and see the difference in 4 to 5 weeks.

    6. Have a cup of hot black coffee



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Coffee has numerous benefits but the best one is that it makes you slim. The reason behind it, is caffeine. Caffeine burns fat for energy consumption and so you can have 4 to 6 cups of hot black coffee to relax yourself and make yourself slimmer.

Now that you know about these potions, don’t waste your time on thinking and take a pick from these potions and jump start today!

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