7 Quick weight loss ideas

7 Quick weight loss ideas


Lose weight without working out

Like Michael Jordon says ‘if you do the work you get rewarded, there are no shortcuts in life’! Losing weight is worth all your effort and time. But I do realize there might be some people who due to various genuine reasons are unable to do the same. Quick weight loss ideas don’t guarantee you shedding pounds but what it does guarantee is start trimming you down a bit. At least something is better than nothing. These ideas might be helpful for people who are unable to do workout due to weak joints or other medical reasons, women with infants, people who shy away from gym due their weight and for people with other whole lot of reasons. Although I don’t consider losing weight quickly a safe propaganda but taking into account these very basic ideas will help you with quick and natural weight loss or at least help you start with a weight loss program

1) Get rid of bloating

In medical terms Bloating or gassiness is majorly related to what you eat and how you eat. Bloating generally leads to abdominal swelling of the abdomen area making you look fat n feel full and heavy all the time. When you know you have been eating right but still have that uncomfortable feeling of over-eating, this is Bloating. Now to get rid of bloating here is a list of food items you should avoid. To add to this list is drinking excess of water especially after a heavy meal. Keep yourself hydrated but in moderation.


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2) Eliminate processed sugar completely from your meal

When I say processed I mean all the deserts, sugary sodas and every other food item that has sugar in it. Instead go for fruits and vegetables that are endowed with natural sugar and are never going to harm you but yes in moderation off course. But for all those with a sweet tooth go for Stevia or Blackstrap molasses which are considered to be 150 times sweeter than sugar and is completely harmless

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3) Eat when you are hungry

In the older times the concept of Dieting never existed, the only rule people obeyed was “Eat only when you are hungry”. Now, this physical hunger must not be misconstrued to emotional hunger. Emotional hunger is when you force yourself to have lunch or dinner even after you are not hungry and eating just for the sake of eating 3 meals. There is a huge difference between physical and emotional hunger.

4) Minimum possible carbs

The simplest of rule is: the lesser the body movement the lesser carbs you need. Carbs that provide you with energy for working out or for movement throughout the day are good carbs but seldom have we gone for carbs that do no good to us. Eating no carbs is never the answer to quick weight loss but less portions of good carbs prove beneficial .Complex or processed carbs are difficult to digest and good or natural carbs on the other hand are easy to digest. Understanding the difference between good and bad carbs will contribute to a healthy living.

5) Enough Water

Neither too much nor too less water is good for you. Just enough is what your body needs. One way to tell if your body is hydrated is by checking the color of the flow of your urine. It should be mostly clear with just a tinge of yellow color. Make sure you check the color during the flow and not when its natural colour gets diluted with water in the pot. When considering the amount of water intake do not forget the water you getting from your fruit and vegetable intake and other beverages like tea, coffee, juices etc. Tip: drink a glass of water before any meal to avoid any over-eating or any further hunger pangs


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6) Confused cravings

Another difference to be understood is that of a mental and physical craving. It’s like when our mind craves a chocolate, what our body really needs is magnesium which could be pacified by nuts and seeds. Understanding this strange yet true concept might save us on those extra calories.

7) Eat healthy yet small meals every 2-3 hours

Some of you might think eating too many meals mean weight gain but studies have shown eating small and healthy portions of food every 2-3 hours speeds up your metabolism and also keeps you full to avoid any unhealthy eating later.

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