9 Fitness Gadgets to Go With

9 Fitness Gadgets to Go With



This article articulates how technology is doing its bit to help you achieve your fitness goals. Below stated are 9 of my favorite fitness gadgets for all my fitness fanatics out there. These gadgets takes into account everything right from your body mass index (BMI), running speed, calories burnt, nutrition,  number of steps taken to your musical need underwater and lot more.

1) Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Those ancient set of scales can never be the choice of any fitativ (fitness addict) anymore. We now have high quality wireless scales. These scales not just measures your weight but also keeps you posted about your heart rate, body mass Index, the quality of air you are breathing in right now to keep you away from any disease. They are capable of keeping up with 8 users to be specific.



Image Source: cnet

2) Hapifork

Story of my life! Willpower is sometimes not enough when it comes to eating healthy. Controlling yourself to eat that burger or that chocolate donuts can sometimes prove to be a huge fight. This gadget is basically a fork that will help us combat our wrong eating habits. It helps with proper digestion, controls our eating speed thereby contributing to weight loss.

Happy fork


Image Source: blessthisstuff

3) Sportiiiis

For fitativs (fitness addicts) into cycling and running. It’s a heads up visual device tailored to attach to athlete’s eye-wear giving an uninterrupted performance feedback while keeping them focused. It not only keeps you informed about your heart rate, speed etc but keeps you safe as well.



Image Source: ubergizmo

4) Finis Neptune

Do you miss listening to your favorite music when swimming? Just like sportiiiis this gadget is for swimmers designed to attach to your goggles. Under waters is no more lonely with this gadget around. It relays music to your ears without any ear buds. It comes with a built-in 4GB space and an OLED screen with music controls

5) Umoro One

One thing I totally hate is carrying a separate water bottle and a separate protein shaker when hitting the gym. I wish there could be just one bottle that could serve both these purposes with least effort. And Umoro One is like the wish come true! It’s like any regular bottle that can be used during workouts and later to have your post- workout drink with a mere press of a button. And to prove that I loved it the most is ‘I have already ordered it’ and eagerly waiting for it to get delivered.

6) Your Shape

All you need for this gadget is an Xbox 360 as it works on motion sensing technique. It provides up to 90 hours of customizable fitness classes like kick boxing, sit ups, jump ropes, cardio etc. Digital Fitness is a boon for people looking for at-home-workouts.

7) Bio Man Tank

Wearing electrodes might not seem like “the” idea to go with but another evolution in fitness industry is the Bio Man Tank workout shirts. These are Bluetooth enabled and machine washable. So it collects your vital information and sends it your computer or smart phone.

Bio man


Image Source: mensfitness

8) Tao Chair

‘An invisible gym’ that’s what this gadget claims to be. Well it’s a chair that’s not just used for sitting and eating and watching television but instead it helps you burn calories. It works on a variobics system. It works out different muscle groups while sitting and also keeps a check on calories burnt.

9) Smart Mat

Now this one seemed very amusing to me. This Smart Mat looks like a regular yoga mat but with sensors built into it that guides you throughout your workout. It corrects you in case you have a wrong posture or if you are out of alignment.

Smart Mat


Image Source: ideaconnection

‘Cherry on the cake’. Here cherry refers to these new gadgets but the cake still remains your hard-work and willpower to reach your fitness goal. Buying them or not buying them is in no way related to how serious you are about working out. Don’t forget that our favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger had that body without these gadgets.     Cheers!!

Featured Image Source : computerweekly