Be Google Fit!

Be Google Fit!


Be Google Fit!

What Is Google Fit App?

The busier our lives are getting, the harder technology is working to make things easier and more convenient for us. To think of phones as modes of communication is a tale of the past now. From cameras to alarm clocks to radios, smart phones have stepped up to another level to act as no less than portable gyms and free of cost instructors for the users. The new ‘Google Fit’ App for android users combines the need to stay fit with a schedule that leaves no time to hit the gym. The app is available on Google play store for all devices with android versions 4.0 or more.

How Does It Work?

The Google Fit App works through use of the sensors built into your smartphone and activity trackers to record physical fitness activity.  It is also operational with the Android Wear, which once connected automatically requires nothing more than that. The app opens by asking for access to your identity, location and prepares a comprehensive judgement about your needs by recording your age, gender, height, weight etc. The app allows you to set targets like those of weight-loss and the amount of workout, so that you keep a track of where you’re headed to with your current plan.


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You can manually choose your goals initially or allow Google to set them for you, be it cycling, walking, running or jogging. The objectives can be set on a daily, weekly, monthly or any other basis which simply depends on your choice. The two main views of the app give you an estimate of the number of steps you have taken and the total of the exercises you’ve done in the day in any form. Your work is complete once you’ve downloaded the app as all your exercises are automatically tracked to your device henceforth.


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Also the app understands a situation where you do not have your android device in your hand. In such a case or an instance where the app fails to take note of any particular exercise, you can also manually make changes to your activities and add the missed workout. Similar changes can be made to the recorded movements as well.

You can also make accurate observations owing to a complete view of your activity distribution throughout the day, demarcating your most active moments from the most immobile ones. The chart can also include heart rate and weight recordings if you add them.

Is It Helpful?

Without keeping the competition in mind, the fact remains that anything that helps get rid of the consequences of the excuse of being busy is more than just a good thing. The app comes at a time when the need of the hour is to help boost the body and push it towards a healthier lifestyle. Most of us, caught up in our work fail to delegate our time judiciously, conveniently ignoring the body’s need to sweat out the extra layers as well as keep the stamina levels up to even the minimum level. It is available at your disposal anytime, anywhere serving as a true reminder of your goals and needs. For these reasons alone the app deserves thumbs up and a pat on the back. Clubbed to that are the perks of the confirmed partners with which the app is affiliated to including Nike, HTC, LG, Withings, Motorola, RunKeeper etc. The users still hold the authority of sharing the information only with applications of their own choice.

So if all you need for a little boost is a free download, a watch or just that phone you already have what reasons could you possibly use to complain?

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