Power Yoga- The Stronger Version of Yoga

Power Yoga- The Stronger Version of Yoga



Yoga has always been a stepping stone for fitness lovers. The combination of asanas (poses), meditation and spiritual cleansing constitutes this wonderful form of work out. Yoga has different forms and one of the hottest and most promising forms is Power Yoga. If you don’t want to indulge into meditation, then power yoga is meant for you! It the most capable and energetic form of yoga you can ever opt for getting a slimmer and stress free life.

What is Power yoga?



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Power yoga is a combination of thorough gym workout and is sometimes associated with Vinyasa form of yoga. Power yoga is the western approach for yoga and free hand exercises but on a large scale. It is a product of the research work of Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest during the end of 1980’s. Power includes vinyasa style asanas and aerobic sessions meant for you to burn fat easily and slim down your waist line. It is closely linked to Ashtanga style of yoga but without any speck of doubt, it is not the same as power yoga does not repeat any sequence of poses as Ashtanga poses do.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?


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Vinyasa yoga is the modified name of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is the combination of body movements and poses involving inhaling and exhaling exercises. It also includes dance like movements for which its name justifies its existence as Vinyasa means “just flow”. It was coined after the name of a yoga expert named Tirumala Krishnamacharya.

Is power yoga different from normal yoga?

Yes, power yoga is a different type of work out practiced in the western countries, spreading at different gyms and fitness centres. It is yoga without meditation. It is a favourite of the fitness freaks who want to sweat and jerk off extra calories and definitely don’t want to spend time on meditation and spiritual cleansing. So if you like to hit the gym for some serious calorie shedding workout, then power yoga is for you.

Are you eligible for Power Yoga?


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If you are working out regularly and can tolerate rigorous body movements, then power yoga is your cup of tea. It is meant for those people who have the willingness to do some core yoga work outs.

To do power yoga you must keep some facts in mind and they are as follows:

     1.Schedule your time for power yoga


For doing power yoga, your body needs to be in tune with the proper timings of the day. You cannot do a heavy workout with a full stomach or after having a heavy breakfast. You can do power yoga early in the morning and let your body feel the freshness that comes in after undergoing a thorough session of it. At night, before going to sleep, you can just do some stretching and light poses.

    2.Be patient and go slow


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You may be a college student or an office goer, it is natural that you may be quite busy but yoga is not done in a hurry. Don’t hurry up while you are in a power yoga session. Aerobics, asanas and other poses are a part of power yoga but all these workout needs patience. You cannot get results within a fortnight, but when you start getting its benefits, it is there for a very long span of time giving you a healthy body and a toned figure along with protecting you from diseases. All you need to do is go for your session and give it some time to reveal its results.

    3.Breathe in and out


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While doing power yoga, you must breathe properly or your body will be exhausted and you might feel suffocated. Power yoga is a very rigorous process of workout so always keep in mind to inhale and exhale properly.

    4.Rest in Savasana


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This is the best part of the whole session. Savasana or the corpse pose is one of the most vital and comfortable poses of power yoga. In this yoga, you just need to relax and lie down on a flat surface and rest for some time. But be patient, don’t get up in a minute; you need to take some time while doing this pose as this is the last but one of the important asanas for you.

    5.Do some homework before going for power classes


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Use some time out of the session to learn and improvise power yoga poses and so that you don’t get stressed while doing it the right way.


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Follow these steps and you can easily perform power yoga at any place. Power Yoga is the latest and most unique form of yoga that you can ever think of. Even the hottest celebs like Kareena Kapoor are a huge follower of power yoga.

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