The story of escalation is nothing less than an inspiring tale.

The story of escalation is nothing less than an inspiring tale.



It is human nature to be enticed by those territories that are strictly out of bounds. It is not an anomaly to dream of that, that you cannot have. It is natural to be so overwhelmed by the irresistible that you simply want to give in. But legends are never written from moments of weaknesses. The greatest people are those who have known defeat and suffering and have eventually struggled their way out of the darkest attractions of this life, carrying the onus of self recovery on no one but themselves. We have heard the names, we all know of the good lives they lead today. But do you really know the stories? Here is an ode to the astonishing yet inspiring tales of our favourite role models across the globe.


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Amitabh Bachchan is now a man that every individual, old or young alike, appreciates and admires. His success is one that the Indian film industry has never seen before. However, what most of us don’t know is that when he began his career as an actor, the actor was an addicted alcoholic. All his co-workers knew of his habits and expected certain amount of uncivilised behaviour from him on this account. It was during the shooting of one of his films that his friend and co-actor ‘AnwarAli’ pointed it out to him that if he wanted to have a good life as an actor, he should stop with his habit of consuming alcohol at amounts that were harmful to his body. Wise as he was, Amitabh Bachchan soon realised that it was high time he used his will against this habit that could as well be the cause for his ruins. He took it up as a challenge as someone once told him that he will never be able to give up drinking at this stage. “I left drinking 35 years ago”, he says with pride as quoted by