Top 5 Uses Of cardio Exercise

Top 5 Uses Of cardio Exercise


Cardio is the shortened form for cardio vascular exercises. It is simply a combination of exercises which help you get fresh oxygenated blood into your heart and help you burn fat easily. Our heart is a muscular organ which needs to pump in oxygenated blood, but due to excessive pollution, we don’t get that right amount of oxygen into our blood stream. This is the part where cardio exercises come in. It helps your heart function properly and makes you live longer. Cardiovascular exercises are useful for all age groups, be it a youthful teenager, an adult or a senior citizen. You can get a healthy body and heart if you could just spend 15 to 20 minutes of your valuable time on cardio exercises.

High Intensity Internal Training Sessions , swimming, cycling, stair climbing, skipping rope, jogging, tennis, hiking,  zumba, cross fit, kick boxing, basketball,  power yoga, belly dancing, plyometrics, kettlebell, aerobics, and circuit training are some of the best known cardio exercises you can opt for.

Some of the most impressive uses of cardio exercises are listed as follows:

 1. Increase blood flow:

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Cardiovascular exercises accelerate your blood circulation and improve your heart’s health. Your heart is a muscle which should be worked properly for better functioning. Cardio exercises make your heart pump fresh oxygen into your blood stream, maintain a balanced heart rate and a healthy set of lungs. Exercises like climbing up stairs while avoiding elevators is a great step forward for maintaining a healthy heart rate. If you are having a healthy and fast heart rate, then it means that your heart’s condition is normal and with time it will be less prone to get heart diseases and ailments relating to accumulation of fats, triglycerides and cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels.

 2. Let those ‘feel good hormones’ get in your body:

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Cardio exercises also help you to have a healthy and balanced hormonal level. It elevates the good hormones in your blood stream and will eradicate problems relating to fatigue, insomnia, stress, depression and obesity.

 3. Improves immunity:


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Cardio workouts have another amazing effect and that is, it helps you recover quickly from an exhausting gym session or a stressful day in the office or any kind of ailments. It helps you stay fit and makes you feel healthy from inside.

4. Checks on your blood sugar levels:

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A very big and important use of cardiovascular exercises is that it helps to check the blood sugar level of any diabetic person. It makes the heart to use glucose in the blood and controls the blood sugar level. It is a boon for any diabetic patient who wants to regulate and maintain healthy glucose level in their body. It prevents your body to have any kinds of extremes of glucose level. So, if you are having diabetes, then cardio exercises are a must for you. In short, cardio exercises help you to manage and regulate your glucose level and prevent you from falling sick.

 5. Enhances metabolism

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Your body needs to have a high metabolism rate to burn extra fat and to have a healthy heart. Metabolism is nothing but chemical reactions helping your body to break down complex materials and release energy. Increased metabolism can be noticed with an increased rate of digestion. Cardiovascular exercises accelerate your metabolism rate due to which you can reduce fat in a very short span of time! You can also increase your oxygen intake with an increased metabolism rate. With the help of cardio workouts, you can digest your food in a better way, improve your health conditions as well as make you fit to wear anything you want!

Cardiovascular workouts should be done in a moderate way for beginners. You can start your cardio workout session for 10 to 15 minutes and then keep on increasing the time limit according to your requirement. These are some of the most effective usages of cardiovascular exercises which helps you improve your heart condition and prevent you from getting heart diseases and problems like high level of triglycerides, cholesterol, fat which can block arteries and can even lead to heart failure. For all these reasons, cardiovascular exercises can be called as the gateway to attain a healthy living with a healthy heart.

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