Victoria Secret Models

Victoria Secret Models


Victoria secret Models are known to have the most enviable bodies in the world. These models beat the stereotyped lifestyle of models. Generally models are size zero or below but these ones have perfect voluptuous bodies. Losing weight can be done without much of an effort but toning is no joke mates. These angels have toned hams, booty and abs to die for. Following stated is the nutrition and workout regime of the three highest paid Victoria’s Secret (VS) Models.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen kores


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Doutzen kroes is a Dutch model. She was the highest paid model of VS in 2014 making a whopping $8million. She has one of the best bodies in the business. But fitness doesn’t come to her easy. It’s her dedication and hard work that has build her from strength to strength.


When it comes to nutrition she’s a big fan of green juices.  According to an interview she gave to Vogue

She takes Vitamin-C and then have a routine of the following 3 shakes every morning:

  1. Right after waking up she squeezes a lemon, grapefruit and an orange to have her first juice.
  2. Then she shakes up a mixture of green powder (Original Super food Greens from Whole Foods), wheat grass, chia seeds and water.
  3. For her third shake she blends a banana, chia seed, cacao beans, and Camu and maca

These three shakes keep her full for the rest of the day keeping her away from any binge eating.


Now, eating right will not give you a toned body. Doutzen does the following workouts keep her all Pretty and Toned.

  • The Rope trick

She is addicted to jumping ropes because obviously she doesn’t have to build any muscles but a toned and slim body. Therefore she indulges in a lot of cardiovascular workouts.

  • Time to punch it hard

The secret behind her toned shoulders and back and overall lean body is her boxing regime.

  • Tall legs

Like most of other models this Dutch model also has beautiful long legs and she has to put in that extra effort to keep up with the same. She’s into yoga, squats and stretching to keep her the lower limbs and butt in shape.


Adriana Lima


Adriana lima

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Well this Brazilian beauty and a mother of 2 shares the first place with Doutzen Kroes making $8 million in 2014. Not sure if would ever manage to look like her when I have two children. Anyway she’s athletic by nature. Vogue describes her as ‘The perennially toned, delightfully curved supermodel’.


To put it in straight words she follows a Control portion Diet which means her calories intake keeps on decreasing as the day progresses.


She generally sticks to oatmeal with raisins and egg whites with milk or coffee sometimes. And when it gets monotonous with oatmeal she haves muesli with yogurt or honey.


On a typical day she sticks to fish or red meat with loads of green grilled vegetables for lunch. Her snacks in between meals consist of cucumber and carrots thereby keeping up with sufficient fiber intake to prevent fat accumulation.


She sticks to the notion of eating very less for Dinner. She only prefers Salads as it helps her sleep well and keeps her blooming every morning she wakes up.


Adriana is a fitness junkie. Her beautifully sculpted body is a result of 10yrs of uninterrupted boxing training. She currently trains with her favorite celebrity trainer Michael Olajide, Jr. She trains like a professional boxer, says Michael.

  • Boxing is a sport that not only needs physical involvement but also quick thinking She starts with 5-10 mins of exercises to improve her mental strength like jumping jacks and shadowboxing.
  • Next she performs some amazing footwork with jump rope. It’s a very demanding cardio workout and Adriana gives it all.
  • Next Lima dons her gloves and head to the boxing ring and punch out left and right for the next 60 minutes. 
  • The workout ends with all the necessary stretches.

Alessandra Ambrosia


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Second in the list of highest paid VS model is Alessandra ambrosia with $5million dollars up her ante in 2014.She comes from Brazil and a yummy mummy to two children. She’s the woman who stomped the runway after 4 weeks of giving birth. She’s cited as the world’s sexiest woman by public media time n again. Now, she is genetically gifted when it comes to her body. She has a stronger metabolism. But even though she’s gifted and a foodie at heart she does not forget to workout.



When it comes to nutrition she follows fractional diets. She eats very frequent small portions.Her day starts with eggs and bacon followed by a coffee.


She prefers fruits, nut lets or drinks protein cocktail with berries in between her meals.


In lunch, she likes to go for a salad sometimes with non-vegan food like filet mignon, or with chicken breast and with vegan food like rice and beans.


Now her dinner terrifies me a bit but Do Not Forget she has the ‘magic metabolism’. She eats lobster ravioli, salami, caviar, and Italian dessert – tiramisu.



She’s not really a workout savvy but yes at the end of the day it’s her job to keep it sexy. Therefore she tries to mix up her workouts so she doesn’t get bored, she loves to ride her bike and go for hiking. Besides these she’s passionate about Pilates and soul-cycle exercises.

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