10 Daily Exercises App by Google

10 Daily Exercises App by Google


10 Daily Exercises App and its Awesome Features

Every one of us is having fitness problems. Out of them, the most common one being obesity. We think about weight management, we make promises and resolutions for every single day, we go for some vegan diets or low carb diet but we skip to do the most important thing and that is to exercise.  Free hand exercise is a workout which can be done in the confines of your own home sweet home. If you are a workaholic and don’t always have time to hit the gym or any fitness centre, then you can try some free hand exercises. All you need to do take some time-out of your busy schedule and exercise at least for fifteen to twenty minutes.

If you really want to have a slim and attractive body in a healthy way, just ask yourself these two simple questions:

Do you want to lose weight in no time?

Do you want a nice schedule for workout classes?

If your answer is yes for both the questions, then immediately install 10 Daily Exercises app in your mobile now. It is an amazing application featured by Google and manufactured by Play Simple. It can be installed in Android phones and tabs only. The best part about this fitness app is that it tells you the right kind of exercises you need to do every day! Do not worry so much before installing this app as it has some of the most common and effective workouts which will only take a few minutes to perform.

Listed below are some of the basic features of 10 Daily Exercises:

  1. Easy and free installation

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The first most exciting part of this fitness app is that it is very user friendly. It is very easy and simple to manage. It can be downloaded without any cost! Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to spend a single penny for installing this app on your cell phones.


  1. Common exercises

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You can easily perform all ten exercises listed in this fitness app as it has some of the most prevalent and useful exercises listed like Lunges, High knee, Push-ups, Leg up Crunch, Jumping Jack, Squat, Bicycle Crunches, Bench Dip, Knee Push Up and Leg Up Crunch. Not only you get the names of these exercises but you also get to know the postures and also learn how to do these exercises. You get instructions for doing the number of times you should do one exercise at a time. Once you finish one set of workout, you get a rest time for 30 seconds and then again proceed to the next workout.

  1. Workout or Exercise Log




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Now you can work out while keeping a track of these exercises with this app easily without any effort!

  1. Reminder setting

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You can set reminder easily with the help of this app. It has a timer where you can set some time for your workout schedule.


  1. Difficulty stages or levels



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With 10 Daily Exercises app, you can take a pick for the difficulty level of your routine exercises; it can be easy, medium or hard. You can start with the easy level and then go for the tougher levels. You can use this app and set your difficulty level and then workout accordingly.





  1. Full Workout App


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10 Daily Exercises by Google is a complete guide for fitness lovers who want to follow a simple exercise regime with sure shot results. Be it managing time limits for each exercise or setting up a reminder for any specific date or perform a workout for 10 or 20 times, this exciting app is all you need to shape up and tone your body. You even get a calendar in this app to keep a check list on the number of days you have been working.

This app has been launched in the year 2014 and has widely spread and used in almost every android phones and tablets. You may have a Xiaomi MI4 or Sony Experia series, don’t forget to download this app on your phone and stay fit and healthy with this astounding fitness app.

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