Yoga is no more just confined to just yoga studios. Thanks to the explosion of yoga apps that has made it possible anywhere and anytime. And if the lingering winter weather is getting in the way of your gym or running routine, why not practice yoga in the comfort of your own home? Besides this, these yoga apps are way cheaper than those lavish yoga boutiques and in case you can afford one go for it. Yoga apps give you enough time to learn and master poses.  There a variety of yoga apps keeping in mind different needs and sections of society. Yoga is not just a way to sooth your mental needs but also your physical need to lose weight. In today’s scenario where life is too busy to keep up with yoga studios these applications are a sheer bliss.

 List of yoga apps

  • Office yoga app

I got no time. I have to go to work. Well, these words are no more an excuse to skip your yoga routine. We all know sitting for long hours impacts the body in a negative way increasing your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even death. Also according to a study sitting for 11 or more hours a day increases your chance of dying within the next three years by 40%. Its sound a little creepy but unfortunately it is proven and true. This app will help you get out of the chair and give what your body needs, MOVEMENT. It’s available on both android and I-phone.

  • Yogify

It’s a yoga app for all developed by Electronic Arts. Yogify is a perfect app that makes it easy to pick a target and focus your workout, with various class options allowing users to customize their workout to fit their needs. It takes you away from the yoga studio yet gives you proper guidance.



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  • Hatha yoga app

This particular style of yoga encourages a sharp mind and promotes a solid mind-body connection. It’s the best app for beginner and intermediate yogis. It has over 70 yoga videos to start with.



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  • Yoga studio app

This app is for yogis looking for variety. It’s available on ios and also you can hear your music along with the yoga instructor giving cues. It’s a library of 65 yoga and meditation lessons.



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  • Airplane yoga app

Who would have thought you could workout in an airplane. Airplane is uncomfortable and sitting on those chairs for hours surely takes a toll on your neck, shoulders and back. This app is especially made for people on the plane. It’s got some stretches and poses that can easily be done while sitting.



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  • I am love app

Well this is an interesting app made by Kids Yoga verse. It’s made for children aged 4-8years. It’s a yoga app consisting of 13 yoga poses for the children demonstrated by the children.



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  • 3D yoga anatomy app

3D yoga anatomy app states 40 major poses and their variations. It also gives a 360 degree view of all poses. One interesting point about this app is it shows muscle actions.



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  • Yoga glow app

It’s like any other yoga app but the USP of this app is its available offline as well. You can store the classes for times when you don’t have an internet connection.



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  • Flying therapeutic Aero yoga app

It’s a kind of yoga is best suited for two people. It’s made keeping beginners in mind. It benefits people from a weightless, inverted and restorative treatment.



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  • Beautiful belly pre and postnatal yoga app

Its app aimed at pregnant women. This app is led by renowned yoga instructor Briohny Smyth, this 12-part yoga practice has three video sessions designed to fit the needs of women during each trimester of pregnancy. And once you’ve delivered, there are three additional postnatal videos available to help soothe soreness from childbirth and rebuild strength. It’s available on ios.



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  • Daily burn yoga app

This app is for athletes’ as it has some expert level moves. It’s like the power yoga that a lot of celebrities are into and it really does burn the Fat and help you lose weight.


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