5 Health Benefits of Swimming

5 Health Benefits of Swimming


Top 5 Health Benefits of Swimming

Dive in to lose some calories easily. Swimming is considered to be one of the most powerful exercises to shed fat in no time. Indeed it is a boon for all health lovers who want to have a healthy body with a healthy shape. It is a combination of cardio workout with rigorous body movement enabling your heart to stay fit and your body to remain slim and healthy.

Swimming is the store house of several health benefits, the best ones are listed below:

  1. Great source of cardio work out 

Swimming helps your most important muscle organ work in a better way. Swimming is one form of aerobic exercise which makes your heart beat faster and makes your heart pump in fresh oxygen while releasing deoxygenated blood through veins. Swimming prevents you from heart diseases and makes your healthy and fit. According to American Heart Foundation, you should swim for at least half an hour to keep a healthy functioning heart. So don’t waste your time in thinking and join a swimming club for staying healthy.



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  1. Weight management



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Swimming is a great way to reduce weight. It is a rigorous exercise which makes every part of your body move while making you slimmer ever than before. It is a great way for relaxation as well as controlling weight. For a chubby or fat person, swimming is the ideal way for getting back in shape without any perspiration! It is like an exciting sport which attracts you to dive in and enjoy the calmness of water while making you slim. Now, what more can you ask for!


  1. Cures many disease


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Swimming has great medical values too. It is an amazing way to cure Arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure and asthma. For those of you who have joint pain or severe back pain, swimming can be a blessing for you. Swim in warm water to witness best results for curing joint pain. Swimming also cures blood pressure problems as it regulates healthy blood flow into your heart. It also makes your lungs function in a better way, making you to snore less and breathe properly. It prevents asthma, mouth breathing and makes to immune to any kind of harmful lung ailments. It has been published in a journal called Respirology that there has been an examination of young children to get less sick because of regular swimming, their heart’s condition has improved with less visits to hospitals, less moth breathing and asthma problems.


  1. Builds muscle power!



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Have you ever seen a weak runner or an athlete? Probably your answer will be “No”, that is because while doing these kind of exercises like running, jogging, cycling, boxing and swimming, our body muscles work rigorously making our muscles strong. Swimming makes our body move and exercise thoroughly making us propel our body continuously for moving in water, which is around twelve times thicker than air. Swimming acts as a resistance workout and makes your muscles well toned, healthy and sturdy. So, if you want a well toned figure, join a swimming club now.











  1. Enhances your body’s flexibility



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Have you ever wondered how can the world’s biggest mammal float on water and not drown? That is because swimming enhances flexibility. It is an amazing exercise in which your body needs to learn how to float and balance with water level. If you ever go for swimming lessons, you will notice that the first task given to you would be simply floating on water, you will learn how to paddle in water. This first step is the biggest challenge for any novice and that is to float on water. Along with the task of floating, moving your arms in circular motions, paddling your legs while keeping your hips in tune with your calves and thigh- all these body movements improves your body’s flexibility, thereby enabling you to perform any kind of swimming like backstroke, diving, under water swimming, butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke and front crawl.

Swimming is undoubtedly the most refreshing exercise which helps you to stay in shape and help you make new friends at beaches, pools and at every exotic locale of the world.

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