Bikini Body Burns

Bikini Body Burns


Bikini Body Burns

Winter is dawning and after a long while of lazy cold days, the countdown to summer has already begun. Let nothing hold you back when it comes to chilling in this swimsuit season and get that envious perfect celeb figure. Here is a little help for those who are vouching for a chance to flash that bikini they have stacked in their wardrobes since forever.

Preparing your body for a bikini is admittedly not cakewalk. But it doesn’t have to be prison either! Some dedication, hard work and will power will go a long way to smoothen you way to that shape you always wanted. The 1st step to remember here is that you are striving for something that is not actually yours. The demands on your body are quite heavy as you are pushing in to take a form that does not come naturally to it. So be patient, give it time and everything will happen just the way you wish!

Step 2: Set your Goal

Train your mind and fix a size, a type that you would be working for. Weigh yourself, measure your height, your waist, your bust and so on to know exactly where you are currently. Put up that bikini you picture yourself in and remember to give it a glance each day and let it serve as your driving force throughout your regime.


Step 3: Diet

Check your foods. As expected, your calorie intake will have to go down. Nothing is going to come out of any other effort if your diet remains uncontrolled. Skip the fries, the white bread, pasta, white rice, sugar and replace these with low calorie fruits and veggies that are going to keep you energised along with increasing your mineral and vitamin levels. Fasten your digestion process pick on proteins. Food items like fish, tofu, eggs, chicken etc make it easier for your brain to cooperate in this time and you feel fuller with just a small amount. Keep yourself hydrated and choose your salads carefully. The ones with a dressing of cheese, oils, croutons and bacon bits bring more fat and calories to your body than you know of. Stick to the conventional vegetable salads if you don’t want to ruin your plan. The major enemy list of a bikini body is topped by bloating. Include fibre sources in your diet and chuck out the excessive salt, sugar. Steer clear of beer and let alcohol imply only wine for this while.


Step 4: Exercise

A bikini body will be burned down through high energy cardio and sculpting routine. Workouts that hit your complete body and strengthen the right muscles are what you need. Once your metabolism is in place, the process of melting away the fat and the calories will be quicker.

  • You only have to give 30 minutes in a day to exercises like walking, running, swimming, biking, jogging, biking and/or hiking as per WikiHow. Hit the gym if it keeps you consistent and serves as the push you need. 3-5 times a week of this schedule will suffice for you.
  • Toning up is next in line as your body to come into shape along with getting rid of those extra kilos.
  • Work on your entire body through yoga and pilates. These two will also maintain your flexibility, posture and emotional stability during the phase towards achieving the perfect curves.
  • Push ups will target your biceps, triceps and shoulders all together. Start with a bent knee push up and ensure that your form is correct and intact.
  • Squats aim for the thighs and butts. The simple version involves squatting against a wall or exercise ball, into an invisible chair. Begin with 8-12 repetitions spread over 3 sets. Eventually, with an increased strength the intensity can be increased with the addition of dumbbells.
  • Weights are also exercise for the shoulders and biceps. On an average, 10-12 reps is the advised number.

As trainer Joe Dowdell mentions on Fitness Magazine, short, high intensity interval based routines can be more effective than longer, slow-paced ones – “Because you are moving at a high intensity, you’ll not only burn more calories during the workout, but you’ll also rev up your metabolism for several hours afterward.

The main trick however is to follow all these exercises placed within in a schedule. Do 10-12 reps and 2-3 sets of each move along with the diet plan that you have fixed for yourself.

Step 5: Track your Progress

Maintaining a journal or a diary which keeps a check on your report will go a long way in helping you follow your own rules. Stay informed about everything you put in your mouth by carefully reading food labels for toppings, ingredients and everything. Keep yourself company in the friend you meet every day on your walk, or the gym or anyone who you is vying for a bikini body. It feels better and motivating to know that someone else is going through the same as you.

With everything set in the calendar and that bikini hanging by your side, there is nothing that can stop you from sporting that two-piece this summer. Work hard and flash the same diligence on the beach. You will be surprised at how easy the way was once you start with it. Don’t hesitate, it is never too late!