Buckle That Butt

Buckle That Butt


Buckle That Butt

Hips are an essential part of the body and while stomachs receive more than their fair share of focus, butts deserve a mention here as people now strive for a perfect butt as much as they strive for a perfect figure. It is not easy maintaining any part of the body to stay in the shape that you want it to fit in. Out here, we make your task a little easier by being the help you need and the support you were looking for. Show your butt who’s in charge by toning and trimming it down to the desired curve using these buttock boosting moves.

  1. Dead Lift Lockouts
    This exercise targets the hamstrings and lower back along with the buttocks. Stand straight up and grab a pair of weights to start with. Now squat down at the hips to a stance that resembles the one taken while taking a bow. Keep distance between your feet that roughly equals the width of your shoulders. The weights in hand, keep the spine straight. The burden should go onto your heels and your buttocks should be jutting out. To employ the targeted buttock muscles, squeeze your behind first and push it forward and you come out of the dead lift. Squeeze your glutes while returning to the start position. Perform 10-15 reps of the same.
  2. Hip Lift Progression
    Begin by lying down on your back, placed on a cushy mat to avoid pain afterwards. Place your arms on the sides and bend your knees. With your feet resting firmly, lift your hips upwards towards the ceiling. Stable yourself in the position for a count and then slowly come down to rest your hips on the mat again. Continue with this same lifting for 60 seconds, focusing on clenching your glutes and hamstrings at the top of the range of motion.
    As found by Fitness Mag to add to the challenge, pull out one leg at the top of the lift while keeping your thighs parallel. Count for 5 seconds while you hold the position. Hips still up, put your foot back on the floor and slowly lower your hips. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds, alternating between the sides with 30 seconds for each.
    The following exercise also helps to relive the lower back of all tensions along with serving as a workout for the butt.
  • Lunges
    Common as lunges are, there is a right way to carry out the workout for it to work as effectively as it can as instructed by Body & Soul. Place your feet on the ground, shoulder width apart. The front foot should be flat while the rear one should be up on its forefoot. Now with a controlled movement drop your back knee in the downwards direction moving towards the ground. As this happens, ensure that the majority of the weight is through your front heel. If you want to be definite that you are doing this correctly, try wiggling the front foot toes during the exercise. Carry out this workout 20 times.
  1. Kick back Squats
    There is nothing like a twisted version for squats to tone your lower body. To get the best out of this challenge, stand with your legs shoulder width apart and squat down shifting the weight to the back of your heels. Draw your fists towards your face and place them under your chin. Then stretch your left leg and your arms in such a manner that the former extends behind you and the latter in front, as parallel to the ground as your body allows. Let your head be between your arms. Hold for a few seconds and steadily return to the squat position. Keep alternating sides and repeat the exercise for 1 minute.
  2. Leg Extensions
    This workout is basically a hydrant coupled with leg extension. To start this, place your body on the floor resting it on all limbs i.e. hands, feet (toes) and knees hip width apart. Your wrists should be straight in line with your shoulders. Now raise your left knee off the floor and take it towards the ceiling by pushing out the left foot straight out to the side. Hold that stance for a few seconds and then bend your knee back in to come back to the starting stance. Alternate between both the sides and continue with this rep for 45-60 seconds.

Combining the best of best, these exercises are going to give you a trim, taut behind that you can walk around with, in pride. Love yourself the way you are, all of you. But there is no harm in getting to your fittest self. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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