Circuit Training – II

Circuit Training – II


Last week we presented for our followers, the form of workout that would burst their boredom. To the people who picked up on the perks (pros) of circuit training, as promised the last time on Thumbbell, here is a little briefing on the different versions of the exercise which you can choose for yourselves.

  1. The Beach Workouts

Whatever might be the primary motive to exercise, burning fat is always on the individual’s mind even if only as a side effect. Perfect with the sand as the ground, the routine can also serve as a workout to your feet and ankles if carried out bare feet. The ocean right beside you to relax post-exercise, this modification of circuit training can help you lose that weight faster than you think.

To keep it simple, the schedule can include the following movements, all of them performed 10 times to gain the best results without too much strain on the body. The advised number of circuits as put forth by Body & Soul is 3-5 rounds in all.

  • Walking lunges & sit-ups
  • Walking lunges & push-ups
  • Deep squats & sit-ups
  • Deep squats & push-ups


  1. Total Body Training

The following schedule targets all muscles of the body and gives your complete body the adequate workout. It combines strength and cardio to tone your shape and keep your size under check. The ultimate aim is accomplished if the quality is not compromised for quantity sake.

  • Skips – 100 skips in one circuit is the ideal number. Stabilise the skips to this number for a while once you reach there. Do not over-aim to increase its intensity.
  • Yoga push-ups – 12 push ups will suffice. Place your hand right below your shoulders and stance your body in a high plank position. The bending of elbows on lowering will graze your sides. For alterations, carry it out as an incline push up on a box or bench.
  • Step ups – 25 step ups each side should be your goal.
  • Medicine Ball Twists – 30 twists with a medicine ball of around 2kgs to 6kgs are what you need. Make sure the focus is on your belly button as you are supposed to twist through your abs and not your hips.
  • Squats – 10 squats with single-arm shoulder presses each side can be performed using a 10 pound dumbbell for challenges. Hold the dumbbell over your shoulder and squat down low. While standing up, let the dumbbell hand straight up with your arm in line with your ear at top. Switch hands for the dumbbell while squatting down.


Image Source: womenshealthmag


  • Leg Lowers/Reverse Crunches – Lie down, hands by your side and palms down and raise your legs vertically. Bring up your shoulders with head from the ground before lowering legs to 45 degrees, without flattening or arching the back. Alternately, raise your legs vertically, raise your tailbone, move head down to the ground and feet towards the ceiling. Lower tailbone and the next leg.
  • Lunges – 30 pendulum lunges are amazingly effective for the body. Use 5-8 pound dumbbells, keeping them by your side while lunging forward. Push back and do the same with both the legs without touching your foot down in between.
  • Barbell Bent rows – 10 rows are enough with a 10-20kgs barbell. Hold it with both hands in an overhand grip. The trick is to maintain the torso in almost horizontal position while bending down at the hips and the barbell at mid-shin level. Looking upwards, run the bar along the thigh lines to above the bellybutton. Before lowering control and the bar, your shoulder blades should be squeezed together.


Image Source: vogue


  • Run/walk – 400 metres of brisk walking or running may sound very mediocre, but it is going to complete your circuit for a complete body workout perfectly.

Moving through the circuit as quickly as you can and unbroken reps for each exercise will boost the cardio burn. Weights can be picked depending upon the intensity level that your body is capable of taking. It is essential to get through all the reps. How much ever time you take to complete the circuit, record it and allow yourself a rest of 1-3 minutes before going another round. Between 3- 5 rounds should be the number you are willing to pick up.

This is how circuit training brings about agility, stamina and strength. Fitness is the first priority here. For more, stay linked to us. Stay healthy, stay happy!

Featured Image Source: nationaltimes