Exercises at Home or Gym App by Microsoft

Exercises at Home or Gym App by Microsoft


Exercises at Home or Gym App by Microsoft

Working out has been beneficial for everyone but do we really take the little bit of effort to do that? The answer would probably be “no”, and with that response you might want to add the very old monotonous excuse of being so busy at work, that you don’t get time to hit the gym for workout sessions like cardio or free hands and so on. Don’t worry so much as Microsoft has the answer for you. If you are having a Windows phone, just make sure to download Exercises at Home or Gym app.

Let’s get a glimpse of what this app is all about, a quick review of its amazing features are listed below:

    1. Hub of HD fitness videos



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This app gets more exciting with collection of numerous workout sessions for various types of exercises. There are videos for


  • How to get rid of Love Handles
  • Extreme ripped body workout
  • Get fit fast abs workout-15mins
  • Burn your fat in Hell
  • 8 mins Abs Workout at home
  • Killer home chest workout
  • Chest workout home version
  • Home biceps and triceps workout
  • Killer home arms workout
  • Chest/ Push Up Exercises
  • Abs exercises- 10 mins
  • Beginner’s home muscle building
  • Arms workout
  • Monster bicep peaks workout
  • 4 Exercises that hit all 3 triceps heads
  • 3 biceps exercises for mass
  • Want your sweat workout
  • Boom Boom workout
  • Twelve minute madness workout
  • Killer lower abs workout
  • Sexy abs workout
  • 10 minute fat loss workout at home
  • How to get a flat stomach at home
  • Top 5 exercises for a flat stomach
  • How to burn stomach fat fast
  • Cardio and abs workout
  • 10 minutes abs workout at home
  • Killer home chest workout
  • Home bicep and triceps workout
  • Chest workout home version
  • 100 reps abs workout
  • How to get six pack abs in 1 week
  • 5min belly fat destroyer
  • The fastest way to lose belly fat
  • 6 week six pack abs workout

    2. Free Download :

Exercises at Home or Gym app is a pocket friendly application specially meant for those who do not want to spend their time and money on any fitness centre. It is a unique application which needs no amount of moolah for installation. It is absolutely free to install.

   3. Wide array of workout categories: From chest exercises to hips, you get a whole range of different workout videos that will suit your requirements. Not only does it have numerous categories of videos but it also contains variety of exercises for each section of workout. For instance, if you want chest exercises to broaden your chest, you get a full range of exercises for doing that. All you have to do is, take your pick! For men, it has several videos for having washboard abs, stronger arms and macho thighs. For females, it has several workout videos for sliming your waistline, hips, thighs and arms.

   4. Your personal trainer


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There are many workout apps available for windows phone or any other android phones. For those who want a personal trainer at home or gym with them, telling them what to do and in a fixed time constraint, this app is a must for them. It gives efficient workout instructions while showing you how to do these workouts for a promising result. You might get confused to read and perform exercises, for that reason, this app is the key solution to all your problems. It shows you the exact way to do the perfect workout for having that impeccable figure.

Professionals like those working in a multinational company don’t get enough time to spend quality time at gyms or any other fitness centre, this app is a must for them. You can be a busy working man or woman, you can also be a homemaker, but this fitness app is suitable for every fitness lover who wants to shape themselves up in no time. Get this wonderful in your smart phone now and start exploring new fitness videos for a slimmer and stronger body.

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