Insanity workout

Insanity workout


What is the Insanity Workout?

Gone are the days when people needed awakening for the fitness world. That it is healthy for the body as well as mind to allow some physical exertion is a fact that most people are now familiar with. With every new workout schedule and plan entering the market, one has got everyone looking up from their calendars of routine to catch a small glimpse of what the world is talking about. The Insanity Workout has broken all walls and boundaries of curiosity, gathering a whole lot of bustle by its mere name. Leaving aside the controversy of picking a side of the coin, people are vying to know what this program actually is. Having caught everyone’s attention for being one of the most challenging fitness programs in the market, it would only be fair to dedicate a brief explanation of what the workout actually entails.
What is Insanity workout?

As the founder of the program, Shaun T puts forth quite honestly that the workout “is not easy”. Trainers and people who have followed the schedule pay witness to the fact that this ball cannot be played in everyone’s court. With its focus on “max interval training”, it is basically a 60 day workout regime and works on strenuous stamina training. Max interval training is a form of exercise that makes you work for 3-4 minutes rigorously and then repeat the same after a rest of 30 minutes. The Insanity Workout plays on your fitness fanaticism and tests how far you would go by setting up a schedule that leaves you gasping for air. Shaun T’s dismisses weights and presents this routine which requires nothing but the individual and of course, an undeterred will.

The Schedule

The workout consists of 10 workouts in all spread over 2 months, with the workout schedule undergoing change on a weekly basis. Performed on 6 days of a week, 30-60 minutes are dedicated to each routine. In the first month of the program, which is easier as compared to its second half, the individual is provided with 5 total body workouts to follow.

  1. Fit Tests – This test is basically meant to track your fitness levels, and determine if you are ready for this ‘insane’ workout. Needless to say, there is the possibility that this auditioning itself has the capacity to break a person’s sweat. But well, that is what the following workout is all about. Fit test is to be taken after every two weeks.
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit – The first part of the body that this starts acting upon are the legs and glutes. With the Plyometric circuit and the exercises under it, the targeted body parts are sure to scream to you in pain. But it is up to you to endure the pain and go on to the next painful exercise or give up the suffering.
  3. Upper Body Resistance – Since the workout uses the body weight for resistance, it is hard on the human capability. This section focuses on sculpting arms, shoulders, chest and back.
  4. Pure Cardio – Cardio exercising is too mainstream and slight for the Insanity Workout. Pure Cardio takes its last generation to another level and employs crazy fat burn, results of which start showing as soon as the end of first week.
  5. Recovery – At the end of an insanely exhausting week, is the recovery day. The body is allowed to rest with some balance and stretching exercises in place of the hard core exertion of the rest of the week.

The second month of the workout is undoubtedly the most demanding physical activity that your body could be engaged in. Experimenters say that the first 30 days seem like child’s play when set against the second month. The more logical and justified explanation is that the program moves in this progression in order to train the individuals and prepare them for a strenuous and challenging second month. It introduces 4 new workouts.

  1. Max Interval Circuit – The following has easily been rated by those who tried it, as the toughest interval workout that they have done so far.
  2. Max Interval Plyo – Extending the plyometrics session of the first month, this set of exercises focuses on the legs. By focus, Shaun T implies a ruthless workout which allows such a movement of the legs that leaves scope for nothing but only the Insanity Workout itself.
  3. Max Cardio Conditioning – The idea here is to perform a cardio workout of the maximum possible intensity for the human body. New limits are defined here as the individual is left breathing in the smell of his sweat.
  4. Max Recovery – The recovery session is nothing but a day of rest, which gives time to gather strength for the rest of the workout session, which will break down whatever strands of relaxation the body had picked up on.

Diet Plan

No workout schedule can ever be complete without a disciplined diet and a restricted control over what goes into the person’s body. Stomach rules the mind, doesn’t it?
The Insanity Workout Diet plan is a custom design for such laborious activity and suited to the effective outcome that the program is expected to bring about.

  1. Protein intake of 40% – Supporting factual reports, the 40% protein of the diet is for building the muscles and triggering their repair process as well.
  2. Carbs consumption of 40% – As had been made obvious by the propagators from day 1, the individual will need as much energy as he can possibly gather to get through the rest of the workout. The 40% carbs fuel the human stamina.
  3. Fat intake of 20% – Since every part of the body would be tending to the physical activities during this workout, the sources to check the functioning of the processes inside need to be doubled. That is what the 20% of the fat is expected to serve by providing the human body with extra energy.

The elimination of junk food from daily diet comes naturally as part of this strict schedule. A balance is maintained in the protein-carb-fat ratio.


With a name that begs to be placed at the right difficulty level, the Insanity Workout is quite naturally, not cut out for everyone. Certain conditions rule out the possibility of following this program without bringing any harm to the body.

  1. Healthy Heart- The presence of heart diseases equate to the inapplicability of the workout, which tends to bring the heart rate to a maximum level during the exertions.
  2. Fitness Fanatics – A program that has professionals digging in deep for their strength is definitely not meant for a newbie who cannot perform basic exercises at a stretch for long hours. The workout will break them down before they could get to the second week of the sessions.
  3. Joint Fit – Joint pains or arthritis do not allow space for this gruelling workout. It can make conditions worse for the patient and even make him/her bed-ridden.

If numbers are to be believed, the obsessions with fitness do not seem to be coming down amongst the populace. Like Shaun T commented on the sale of his development, “It turns out there are a lot of crazy people out there.”. The workout is most certainly no cake walk. But what you get with such an insane level of pain from an insane workout is an insanely brilliant result. Just don’t go in blind. Look out for what you need and to what extent your body is willing to go before picking on your workout. Let fitness be the priority. Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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