miCoach- An APP By Adidas and Microsoft

miCoach- An APP By Adidas and Microsoft


miCoach Train & Run by Adidas

Unleash your fitness with miCoach Train & Run app. It is an awe-inspiring app which you can download in your smart phones, be it Android or Windows phone. This wonderful app is featured by Adidas and Microsoft to bring down exercise training programs at every one’s fingertips. It is a compact workout training hub filled with innumerable training programs to make you fit, healthy and strong.  You get access to thousands of flexes and other workouts with a swipe of your finger. You can use it within the comforts of your own home sweet home or even outside.

Some of the highlights of this app is listed below:

    1.  Make work out plans at ease

Now, you can make your very own workout manual for any kind of sport you want! miCoach Train & Run app is the one sure shot answer to every fitness related questions that you are having right now. You can pace up for any kind of marathon with the help of this amazing app.  With an enhanced and modifies Fit Smart program, it is a must for every fitness lover. Along with this, it has bug fix solution to any bugging problem.

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    2. Real Time Audible Coaching



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We all tend to train ourselves when we have some trainer instructing us to some sport, and so for this reason miCoach has presented this training app with real time audible coaching guides which trains you as your personal coach and has a separate set of instructions that suits your body type and intensity level. You get options for US English & UK English, both male and female voice. Not only do you get these to hear these voices, but you also get the opportunity to get expert coaching from trainers like for Lumians, you get expert advice from Derrick Rose, Jessica Ennis, Omar Gonzalez, Ana Ivanovic, Yohan Blake, Andrea Petkovic and the list is endless.

    3. Get the best cardio training


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miCoach Train & Run checks your heart rate while undergoing any fitness training program. With the support of Bluetooth Smart HRM & Stride sensor, you can check your heart beat while tracking your pace and speed. It checks the amount of your calories burnt and helps you to keep your function better than ever.

    4. Measure your improvement


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You can assess your improvement or fitness growth with this app easily. It tracks your workout level, your calories, time taken to complete your workout schedule. So, now you can easily compare your last fitness score with the following scores in future for your personal fitness development.

    5. Get access to any sport of your choice:


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With miCoach, you get your own personal training guide for your choice able sport. You get to choose from a whole range of sports like race, tennis and many more.

    6. Get hitched with music while working out



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You can listen your favourite numbers while working out with the aid of this user friendly app, and can easily swing in with the flow!

    7. Countless Videos


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You get to see and witness countless instructional videos with 400 exercises and flexes. You can watch these amazing videos to train yourself without hitting the gym and spending time and cash on your fitness trainer.

    8. Free installation


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You can have miCoach Train & Run installed in your mobile phones for free. It is one of the best parts of this app. It gives everyone the equal opportunity to explore and utilize this app for their fitness improvements.

    9. Sync in with miCoach


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You can sync the settings of your profile in miCoach.com and track your fitness details and growth.

    10. Track your steps


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You can easily track your shoes, its usage and the right kind of shoe you need for your race or any sport with the help of the gear section of miCoach.

    11. Track your route


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You can track your location with Google maps for the ones who are using Android phones like Xiaomi series or Nexus. For Lumians or users of Windows phone, you can easily track your path and location with the help of Nokia Here Maps.


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This app is a merger between Adidas and Microsoft. This app gives you a detailed list of do’s and don’ts for a healthy living. It even provides nutritional tips for a healthy living, checks your workout level, counts your fully accomplished workouts and renders tips and advice for your specific body type. It is one unique pack of training modules which you need to have in your mobile if you want to lose weight and pace up yourself for a fitter “you”.