Sugar is a processed food item with zero nutritional value. Biologically our bodies do not need any sugar. We have attached an uncalled for importance to sweets in our daily lives. All good moments, occasions, festivals etc are incomplete without sweets. Sugar might satisfy us mentally for a moment but it can never satisfy our physical need for food. Completely removing sugar from your diet will suddenly cut down the fat in your body. You will feel a sudden change in your body stats. Sugar lays down the foundation of a number of diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, non- alcoholic fatty liver diseases, Parkinson’s disease and a lot more. Besides this excessive sugar intake also leads to depression, anxiety etc. One can’t really avoid sugar as it is an undetachable food from our daily lives. It may be consumed but in moderation. All fat free or sugar free food items comes with a chemical imbalance therefore please avoid them and instead it’s ok to go for actual sweets once in a while.

Here is a not- so- regular list of reasons why sugar is no good for you.

  • Addictive just like a Drug

Sugar releases a hormone called Dopamine which is believed to play an important role in drug addiction. It triggers your addictive side. Much like street drugs, sugar triggers the release of chemicals that set off our brain’s pleasure centre. And as they do with street drugs, people develop a tolerance for sugar, meaning they need more sugar for a feel-good feeling.


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  • Exaggerates PMS

I have no idea how but we have somehow tossed stress and eating more n more sweets in the same bag. Sweets are known to be the ‘comfort food’ for the most uncomfortable part of the month for women. Those cravings are real but giving in to them worsens the situation because when you eat them, your blood sugar fluctuates and it is known that controlling blood sugar is a crucial step in controlling your symptoms of PMS Sugar makes the premenstrual syndrome way worse than you can think of. Instead go for these options to get rid of PMS.


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  • Sugar is costly

Sugar is said to be a major cause when it comes to a lot of diseases in the world. Therefore eating more sugar would increase the risk of these diseases thereby increasing your cost of medication.


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  • Has withdrawal effects just like Drugs

When one tries to withdraw themselves from addictions such as drugs, alcohol or sugar in this case they tend to experience some withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms may vary from person to person. There may be emotional or physical withdrawal symptoms. One might not experience all these symptoms .Sugar withdrawal symptoms include


·         Anxiety


·         Dizziness


·         Sleep changes


·         Depression


·         Mood swings


·         Appetite changes
·         Fatigue


·         Anger



  • Ends up in your belly

Sugar is one food item that straight away ends up in your belly. So in case you are wondering how to lose on belly fat just cut down on all the added sugar. Say no to all sweets, sodas and everything else with sugar.



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  • Invites never ending hunger

Hunger is a condition in which a person, for a sustained period, is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs. Sugar can never satisfy your hunger because it doesn’t have any nutritional value to it. You would mostly end up eating more once you are done with your sugary delight.


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  • Altering your kids life

According to a study, Professor Andrew Prentice revealed that the rise in childhood obesity means that for the first time ever, there is a generation of children that may be outlived by their parents. Modern diets laced with sugars aren’t just making us fat; they’re making our kids fat and sick for life.


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  • Ruins your skin

It’s a reason for acne on my face for sure. According to expert’s sugar causes the insulin level to spike leading to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles.


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  • Bloating

Bloating is temporary swelling of the abdominal area. It is caused when body is unable to breakdown complex food items and sugar is one complex food item. Hence increased sugar intake triggers indigestion leading to bloating or gas.

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