The Posh – Victoria Beckham

The Posh – Victoria Beckham


The Posh Way!


A designer, a model, a mother, a wife; standing as one of the most coveted women on the planet, Victoria Beckham continues to be the role model for more than one generation. Chosen as the face for charity ambassador, she has taken brilliance to another level. While many sweat out their bodies to lose the obesity, Posh exemplifies perfection by managing to bewilder people with her perpetual glamour and perfectly sculpted body. The ring of these descriptive sounds may be too good to be true, but the application is no tougher than the resolution to expend industry and time in the right direction. Like Victoria Beckham would have advised her 13 year old self, “Your skin is going to clear up and it’s all going to be fine.”

We give you a little sneak-peak into this world of healthy diets, strict regimes, regular routine and everything that goes into the making of that to-die-for figure and envious looks.

With complete faith in hard work, Posh speaks of the struggles to maintain a strict fitness schedule within boundaries inhabited by a man and four kids, whom she stands wife and mother to. But the epitome of fitness derives her strength from the rooted basics of discipline and a strong will. As she puts forth in her interview of 73 questions with Vogue a typical day in the life of this star starts with her kids and her workout regime. An early bee, she hits the gym at 6 religiously in the morning for almost all days of a week. Knickers, socks and a vest dress complete her workout outfit as well as define her idea of the most comfortable attire. The style icon puts her trust in running, which she believes is the best cardio workout one could have. She exerts out this obsession on her treadmill and runs each day for no less than 5-6 miles. These early morning exercises works for her in operating on an empty stomach and shedding off all the extra kilos that might be clinging onto the body. The fat is burnt and the heart and lungs are kept healthy. This is coupled with the athletic side of Beckham to which she accredits her toned legs, arms and abdomen while burning close to four hundred calories per hour. The concept of Yogalosophy by Mandy Ingber finds its way into Victoria’s planner as what is probably her latest fitness fad. Practicable at home, this helps her to stay in shape and align her mind her with her spirit.


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Diet Secrets
With great name, comes great blame. To claims that she suffers from an eating disorder, Victoria Beckham ridicules such unfounded allegations. What she accepts to doing is the elimination of junk foods from her daily diet and welcoming protein rich foods instead. She worships the alkaline diet and incorporates a considerably substantial amount of vegetables and fruits in her foods.  As told on Mirrorcelebrity News she likes going to the supermarket herself, picking on personal choices and specific items. Whole foods, grilled fish, tuna sushi salad, scrambled are the kind of items that make up her list of favourite edibles. Brutally honest and straight up about facts, Victoria admits that models are thin everywhere and that is just the way it goes. She continues to be disciplined about what she outs into her mouth and that makes her controlled and not a sufferer of eating disorders. Her personal chef Chris Irving went on record to clarify all smoke around the subject by revealing that the fashionista eats more than people like to imagine. She loves having pea and kale and fresh fruits. Salads have a strong hold on her health diet. Long marathon like days, hours of arduous working and shorter nights necessitate the need for a double espresso and a salad to kick start her day. She maintains that it is absolutely detrimental to allow your body to dehydrate and miss out on rest. Coconut water has turned into her go-to therapy for all the hydrating that the body needs. She suggests the same to everyone who would listen, “Drink lots of water and get as much sleep as you can.”
None of this however, is testament to her seemingly torturous plan. Once a week she splurges into her favourite foods and champagne, turning it into a pampering session for her own sake. Low on consumption of salt and sugar the diet plan followed by posh could best be described as incredibly healthy for the body.

It is not over night transformation, it is no cakewalk. But what should catch attention here is that it is no road to heaven either. What Victoria Beckham personifies is nothing more than an accomplishment of pure diligence, strength of character and a relentless pursuing of a longing to be good at something. What comes as a shock to the experts is her success as a model. With a height as average as 5 feet 4 inches, Victoria Beckham would definitely have to strain her neck to look other models in the eye. But that was never a glitch in the fandom and trail of awe that she tends to leave behind. The trick she says lies in the manner of dressing up. “I’ve never been a six-foot tall skinny model, so therefore I wanted to create an illusion.” 

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