Track Runner – an amazing fitness app

Track Runner – an amazing fitness app


Keep a track of your runs with Track Runner

Losing weight has never been an easy task. You may try to do several diet plans, try some exercises but you might seem to be dissatisfied after all your efforts. Try one last time with running. Running is one of the best workouts for shedding excess body weight and getting rid of fats. For running or jogging, you need to keep track of time spent while running. You must also keep a track of the number of kilometers you have run or jogged. But all this seems to be difficult for you to do in one shot. Don’t worry so much as Track Runner is there to help you out!

Track Runner is an amazing fitness app for Windows phone that tracks the length and time for your running. It is an awesome all in one app that trains you to enhance your running skills like never before. The best part of this app is that you don’t need to shed a single penny to download it. Yes! You heard me! It is free to download and install. You can easily install this app in your windows phone like Nokia Lumia or HTC One on a free installation basis.


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The features of this outstanding app are listed below:

  1. Diary: 


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Now, you can type-in your fitness plans for everyday in this virtual diary or log featured in this app. It keeps a track of your daily running record. It also tracks the time you required to complete your run with your speed. In short, it tracks your daily speed and distance covered.

  1. Intervals or Interval Training


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Now, this is an interesting part of this app. This section is segmented with different kinds of running styles and training programs where in you get a complete sketch of your running plans along with a computerized voice recording system that guides to rest, run and cover distances in short intervals. You get tutorials for different running techniques like for Marathon Speedwork Boost, the time setting is for 26 minutes. For Beginner’s Run and Walk, you get a training whose duration is for 30 minutes. For Pyramid, the interval training is for 1 hour 15 minutes. The last interval training is Weight Buster which lasts for 46 minutes.

  1. Pacer: Pacer is simple way to set the length of distance you want to run. For an instance if you want to run for a mile or two, you can easily set up the distance in pacer, set time and go for it!


  1. Genius

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It is an assessment program to examine your performance. All you need to do is to run for 0.6 mile to let the Performance Genius of Track Runner invigilate your running skills.

  1. Gear

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You can track your mileage with this part of Track Runner. You can add information about your wearables like shoes, cloths and can even ascertain your heart rate while running with the help of heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor is supported by Bluetooth smart sensors. For clothes, you can track mileage and nothing else. You can even pair heart rate sensor while using the Bluetooth settings. With the right kind of shoes and steps required for running, you can easily track your speed with SensorCore.


What is SensorCore?

It is an application which permits windows phone like Lumia to track its sensors without exhausting its battery life.


  1. Statistics


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In this section, you can keep a record of your running speed by the number of steps walked. You can also ascertain the amount of kilocalorie (kcal) burnt by your body. You can even track your heart rate, the number of kilometers you ran in weeks, month and year. You can even customize this section according to your style.


  1. Achievements:


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This is one of the best portions of this app where you can evaluate your running skills and improvise yourself. It also keeps a record and flaunts your best runs, fastest laps so far you have achieved.

With this app, you can surely improve your running skills and can even improve your heart conditions. Track Runner is a self training guide to enhance and boost up your laps, running style, tenacity and finally helps you to be fit and lose loads of body weight. So if you are ever planning for a marathon, Track Runner is the best pocket friendly mobile guide you can ever get!

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