Wear the Workout

Wear the Workout


Wear the Workout

Tired of making plan and failing to stick to it? You would be consoled to know that you’re not the only one subject to this disappointment in the strength to keep up with the fitness regime you had marked out for yourself. Like it’s said, all things are difficult before they get easy. So pack up that laziness and push it out the door because we are bringing to you tricks and tools that are going to ensure that you stick to your schedule as well as tape sticks to paper. Since you’ve prioritised well enough for your own health’s sake we will help you take the next step with these motivational strategies to keep up with the regime that you have fixed for yourself.

For starters, understand the fact that with every minute of exercise that you’re missing out on, it is no one but yourself who is at a loss. The willingness to exercise is commendable, but the process does not stop there. This is where the challenge really begins.

  1. Make It Personal

Beating about the bush aimlessly won’t get you anywhere. Others’ expectations will push you for a day or two, beyond which you will be on your own. Make sure you have a purpose, a meaning attached to your workout in order to inspire you to make an effort. Don’t get carried away with random goals and aspirations. Focus on your own journey and your own reasons.

  1. Connect the Health Dots

Keep a track of your cholesterol levels. Compare the amounts after you start exercising. Set a goal for lowering your LDL cholesterol levels to a certain mark and increasing your HDL cholesterol up by a set number of points. So while you working towards and mostly accomplishing your goals, you would also be shielding your health from heart risks. As per Active Ideas it is good advice to get a new blood work prescribed for every month to validate the same.

  1. Slow & Steady

The aim is not to run the Olympics, but to run enough that your body can be at ease. Don’t push so hard from the first day on, that you know of nothing but sleep and a body ache for the rest of the days. Start with light exercises, or brisk walking before taking up the intensity and distance levels to an extent that proves a challenge to your body. It is essential to know your limits and also to know when to stop at them and take a well deserved break. Hire a personal trainer or join the gym if you have any qualms. To keep a low-budget schedule, follow a trainer’s guide through a video that takes you along the whole of weeks and months together to get to your goal.

  1. Fat Fatigue
    Measure your belly every day. Don’t expect it to shrink in a matter of weeks but let the fat get to you and bother you. The fact that every bite of junk you take is depositing more and more of that stubborn weight on your stomach should then be enough to motivate you to not stop with that regime that you have set for yourself. Staying conscious of your body shape, size and form will help you make a plan and stick to it. The decision to skip a workout will then become more and more difficult to come off and implement itself. The trick is to think about the fat.
  2. Jam it Up
    You’ll be surprised at the power of music as far as your workout routines are concerned. Prepare a playlist of your favourite numbers that get you to want to party and dance and move every inch of your body. Play those songs every time you start to workout and you’ll be done with your exercises, just as you are done singing along with the lyrics of those songs. What gets your adrenaline boosting will also get your legs working. Going by Body & Soul the sound of upbeat music to the workout can reduce the amounts of perceived effort involved while increasing the endurance by 15%.
  3. Delve into Diversity
    Not everyone is cut out for every kind of exercise. Find the workout that makes you want to sweat it out. Mix up your schedule and add all kinds of new things to the conventional movements. If you have trouble finishing up that dreadful exercise that you’ve always hated, make it customary to start with that particular exercise so that you have your favourite ones to look forward to. On tired days, skip the most despised exercises and move to the ones that feel worth the effort.  If this mix doesn’t suit you either, find a new routine. Don’t stop experimenting, it’s never too much.

You know where you are you know what needs to be done. Sometimes, however, that is not enough. You need a push, an impetus to move further. Beyond this, you need a motivational drive to keep up with the plan that you have worked out for yourself without letting disappointments and failures get in your way. Dealing with glitches has never been easy. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it less difficult. Draw a line between the things you can control and the things you can’t. Stop fussing over the ones out of reach and concentrate on those that you can discipline.

The first step seemed unimaginable before you took it. So does the second; that does not mean you have to give up on it. Stay healthy! Stay happy!

Featured Image Source : healthwaysfit