Women who lift understand

Women who lift understand


Problems only women who lift understand

Since the very beginning the idea of bodybuilding has always belonged to men. Men with big biceps and Pecs are perceived to be sexier as compared to the men who are leaner. But as we all know women are nowhere behind men, not even when it comes to bodybuilding .Its these women who lift combat the stereotyped notions of how a woman is supposed to look and behave like. Lifting weights is inherently empowering. Studies show that women that lift weights regularly burn more calories both during and after their workout. Plus, each pound of lean muscle burns 35 to 50 calories per hour than pound of fat. Women just simply do not produce enough testosterone to get big and bulky like men. So, when you see women bodybuilders that are really big, remember that those women lift full time, eat a TON and potentially use testosterone supplements. Besides this according to a survey women who lift are considered to be sexy by most men today. Weightlifting is now become fashionable. There are unlimited advantages of weightlifting for women. Here are a few of them.

  • Bone health

 With age both bone and muscle mass starts going down and especially after menopause you are at a greater risk of getting osteoporosis because body no longer produces estrogen. Weight training reduces the risk osteoporosis.

  • Curves

As you keep doing strength training your body naturally starts falling into your real figure which is beautiful. Weight training don’t make you bulky, cupcakes do. Don’t fall for this myth. Ladies lift!


Image Source : huffingtonpost

  • Quality sleep

It’s a proven fact that people including women who lift tend to have a more sound sleep than the ones who don’t. They can fall into sleep quickly without any hassles. They experience an uninterrupted and a peaceful sleep.

  • Faster/effective weight loss

As you gain muscle body uses the calories more efficiently. The more muscle contractions you experience during a day, the more calories you’ll burn. If you have more lean muscle mass, you’ll have more muscle contractions and thus burn more calories.

  • Healthy cardiac health

According to American heart association weight training can reduce risk of heart disease. Besides heart health it also takes care of blood pressure and glucose levels.

Problems only Women who lift can understand.

Like everything weight lifting also comes with some cons. But these problems are temporary and can easily be taken care of. Only the women who lift can relate to these problems.

  • No nice hands

When a girl becomes best friends with iron, soft hands become a far off dream. Typically the skin on the palm of your hands, right below the fingers will thicken and harden as a result of training to form a layer of armour to protect your hands from tears and blisters. The technical word for this skin deformation is called calluses.

  • Always hungry

Yes it’s true. More the muscle more the body wants. Those muscles have to be fed anyway.

  • Clothes don’t fit

Shoulders and legs just refuse to get into coats and skinny jeans respectively but once it happens it’s worth all eyes.

  • Exhausted and anti-social

Smoking hot body but no one to see it. It’s because in a way you become anti-social after an exhausting workout and a long day. All we choose our dear bed rather than a night out.

  • Wardrobe

Well our wardrobe generally looks like the image below.


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  • Stupid Questions

Don’t you worry about getting bulky? Why do you want to look like a man?People still haven’t been able to make peace with women who lift. These questions are super annoying.

  • Leg day

Our schedule for the whole week revolves around our leg day.no moving up and down the stairs, or driving with clutch control and lot more.

  • That time of the month

Doing weights while on periods feels like some part of lower body might just break inside and fall down. It might sound funny but it’s true. On the contrary working out might actually be of help in relieving from painful cramps.

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