4 workout supplements you actually need

4 workout supplements you actually need


4 workout supplements you actually need

Supplements have become synonyms with fitness world lately. Serious gym goers, non serious gym goers, athletes all of them end up with a shaker filled with protein in their hands. Why do you think they take it? Do you need it? It’s not possible to get every nutrient in your diet and that’s where supplementation plays a role, it fills in the insufficiencies .To supplement is to add or support. It’s no magic pill. Supplements go hand in hand with a clean diet. If you are committed to a diet of fried foods, cakes, candies and other garbage buying supplements will do no good to you. Thinking your supplements will get you where you want be without keeping a diet check is like this huge bubble that you are living in which is soon going to pop out. And those who say it is possible are the biggest scumbags you can ever come across. Supplements are expensive so don’t waste your hard-earned money if you stick to healthy eating. I am not saying it should be perfect but at least start to have a commitment. You are what you eat. If you think supplementation can outdo a bad diet you are dead wrong. The market is filled in with humungous amounts of different supplements right from fat burners to fish oils. The only way to make a choice for your goals is by doing proper research.


In this article I’ll try my best to save on your time by stating some very basic supplements you need to enhance your workout performance and keep it consistent eventually giving results you aim for. Timing, right diet and workout are important to get the best out every supplement you consume. These supplements are not just for bodybuilders, it’s for people who do basic but regular lifting too.

Whey protein powder 

We all consume whey protein powder after our workout. But how many of us know what whey is? Whey is milk serum. It is the liquid substance left after formation of curd. It’s also a by-product of cheese. Whey is a compound protein consisting of many sub-fractional proteins along with a very minuscule amount of fat. And whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated whey. Buying whey protein powder can be difficult because of enormous options available. There are three main types of whey protein available in the market.

  • Whey protein concentrates (WPC)

The protein percentage in concentrates may vary from 25-89%. The ones you generally get in stores have 80% protein to it and rest id lactose, fat, minerals.


  • Why protein isolates (WPI)

Whey isolate is the purest form of protein that contains about 90-95% protein. WPI is normally no fat and is expensive than concentrates.


  • Hydrolyzed Whey protein

This protein has done a major comeback. It disappeared from the market due to lack of strong evidence supporting its benefits. But now it has made a comeback after years of research. Hydrolyzed protein powder breaks down the long chains of protein into smaller particles called peptides that are easily digestible. It is an expensive protein though.



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This is the most researched supplement of all times. No matter how clean you eating creatine is something that would still miss from your diet. Therefore creatine powder is important to supplement muscle gain. Creatine promotes strength, power and lean muscle. Creatine is known as the king of supplements. Creatine proves to be more beneficial to vegetarians than to non-vegetarians. This reminds me my creatine has finished, have to buy one soon. Besides millions of benefits that creatine offers it also benefits the aged population and patients suffering from neurodegenerative disease.

Branch chained amino- acids

Whey also has BCAA’S to it but that’s not enough. It’s in a powder form to be mixed in water. It tastes awesome. I can have it all day. It not only helps in protein synthesis but also strengthen the cells capacity for protein synthesis. BCAA’S also helps reduce breakdown of protein in your body.s2


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Multivitamins is necessary of all age groups. Especially people who lift heavy might end up having bone deficiency and otherwise also people who work-out regularly would know about the pain they go through every single day in some or the other part of their bodies. Multivitamins will help cope and also promote muscle recovery. Again, there are too many available, choose wisely!



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