Improve sexual prowess with workout

Improve sexual prowess with workout


Improve sexual prowess with workout

We spend more than half of our life’s days standing in front of the mirror and judging ourselves.  And all the judgment comes down to our sex appeal. Isn’t it? Are we desirable enough to the opposite sex? Sex is an integral part of our daily lives. More than anything else sex is a biological process where heart rate, breathing, blood pressure play a humongous role. And I am sure a lot of people will agree to their importance in any sexual activity. People, who get little or no physical exercise, have an increased risk of triggering a heart attack or sudden cardiac death when they engage in sexual intercourse. Increased risk is temporary only occurring within a few hours of the activity. Regular exercise reduces, but does not eliminate, the increased risk. Workout addresses most of the physical issues that may hamper your sexual activity.

  1. Improve blood circulation

Regular intense workouts enhance blood flow to every part of the body. An improved blood flow to genitals enhances arousal in both men and women.


  1. Breathing

Regular workouts improve breathing during sex. Right breathing helps men reaching climax in men and orgasm in women more effectively. It also helps with weight loss.







  1. Improves stamina

A night to remember can’t be possible without a beauty and a beast together. When I say beast it means hell of stamina so you don’t end up disappointing yourself and your partner.



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4. Increased confidence

A beautifully sculpted body takes your confidence rocket high when the moment arrives. You will have nothing to be conscious about. An hour a day in the gym will give you an immense confidence to perform better.

5. More flexibility

There is innumerable number of poses to give a shot and most of them require you to be flexible enough to raise the excitement bar. The less the body fat, the more flexible one can be. Take your experiments to another level all together.


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6. Helps women reach orgasm

A real man cares about his lady love and her needs. Women take 10-12 minutes to reach an orgasm whereas men take 4 minutes or so. Therefore the more the stamina the more time women have to reach an orgasm. Be considerate guys and workout!

7. Manage stress

An active lifestyle acts as an anti-depressant in our busy lives.  It gives a boost to your sex life. The less the stress the more energy you will have to spend some quality time with your partner.

Want to Spice up your sex life? Exercise may be the answer. Here is a list of exercises for men. These moves will improve your testosterone levels and also keep your libido healthy. A strong, controlled thrust can drastically improve how sex feels for both you and her. If you have weak abdominal and core muscles, you simply will not have the strength and power to maintain it, which will result in random and awkward movements. By performing these exercises at least twice a week, you will strengthen your core and thrusting abilities.

  • Planks

A man should be great with thrust during sex. He should not get tired while on it. Planks help you maintain that stamina. Lie down on your stomach on a floor mat. Place your weight on your toes and forearms, and raise your body off the mat. Hold this position for two minutes. Focus on keeping your stomach tight and you’re back straight; this will work your entire core.


  • Reverse lunges

Lunges are a best way to regulate blood to pelvic area. It improves testosterone levels. Hold a pair of dumbbells and take a large step (or lunge) forward or back. Slowly lower yourself and bend your knee until your front leg is at a 90ºangle with the floor. Stand and repeat the motion with the opposite foot. Ensure your knees never go further than your toes.


  • Push-ups

Pushups are a full upper- body workout. Try to add variations, such as one-hand pushups or clap pushups, to increase the difficulty. It’s the best to keep up with missionary position.


  • Leg raises

 Lie down on your back and, keeping your legs straight; lift them until they are at a 90º angle with the floor. Carefully return your legs to the starting position (but don’t let them touch the floor) and repeat the lift. To prevent lower back pain, keep your lower back pressed flat against the mat.

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