Muscles women love to see on Men

Muscles women love to see on Men


Women crave these muscles on Men

Take it or leave it but the truth is we are living in an era where packaging and in this case looks is definitely something you just can’t ignore. At the end of the day looks is the first thing that fires you up to go ahead talk to that guy or girl. Men being the dominant one have always been very clear about their preferences when it comes to women bodies. Every era comes with its own set of rules of how an ideal woman’s body should be. But thanks to the 21st century we are living in and the freedom of speech women have today as compared to older times, women do have preferences when it comes to male bodies. Gone are the days when women would put up with anyone irrespective of how he looks. Today physical appearance does play a tornado-size role for women when it comes to choosing a partner for them and yes they are loud and clear about it. I am not saying that every woman existing likes muscular men but according to a survey taken by 50,000 women most women do prefer a man with muscles. And the reason they stated was they felt secure with a well – built man around. One irony I encountered was women don’t like overly built men like in Mr. Universe. So just in case you guys are wondering what women really want, just take care of muscles these women they love to see while doing some man check and you are good to go.

Top three yummiest muscles women voted for. These muscles always tend to overshadow other muscle groups.

  • Brawny Chest

A wide hefty chest definitely raises a man’s vanity quotient. Women relate big chest to cuddlier bear, protective, I associate it with protection, seeing myself “hiding” in a guy’s chest.



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  • Ripped Shoulders

Ripped and rounded shoulders give a definition to a man’s upper body. Ripped shoulders are a sign of confidence and security to women. What about you ladies? You like broad shoulders?



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  • Bigger arms

Arms include bustling biceps, triceps and stronger forearms .I surely do notice arms when see any man. Bigger arms say ‘don’t worry I got this shit handled’, it surely does feel like a safe haven. I expect my man to have bigger arms than me at least. Am I asking for too much? Stronger arms also mean they can grip and pull more.



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Followed by these muscles some women also voted for the ones below:


  • Defined Back

Latissimus Dorsi or the broadest muscle in the back is what you need to train for a sculpted back. I love the inguinal ligament-ish area. That spot where the hip curve comes in at the side before the femoral head, and you can follow the little convex curve of the ligament, drawing the eye down past the ripples of the boxers’ elastic waistband.



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  • Hamstrings/Quadriceps/calves

There are women who do prefer men with more ripped hams and quads. But remember not too bulky. I love men with sculpted calves. Guys legs are important because just imagine tiny legs under a hefty body. Not a cool image, right?




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  • Flat Stomach

According most women instead of a V-shaped taper they would prefer a softly toned obviously flat stomach. Also you would be happy to hear 6 pack abs is not every woman’s cup of tea.  What would your choice be ladies? Rock-hard or cushion?


  • Tush

A man with a well-rounded and toned tush is a delight to see. There is something to that curve that makes it all worth it. There is a difference between a fat and toned tush.

  • Neck and Jaw line

I secretly do admire these parts too. A toned neck where you can clearly see Adam’s apple along with a few visible nerves running through totally gets me. Jaw-lines are something that a lot of people don’t think about when they think about what drives them crazy, but I love them.

A fit physique to attract women is a great way to go. But it might only push the envelope for first few moments, eventually it’s the kind of person you actually are that decides if she’s going to stay or not.

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