Sports, strength & health

Sports, strength & health


Sports, strength & health

A healthy lifestyle amidst a busy erratic schedule is one of the universal demands today. While stress and work have become part of people’s character description today, it goes without saying that everyone wants a well deserved break. “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” doesn’t it? Every Jack and Jill today is well aware that as dreadful as it sounds and as tedious as it might be, exercising is inescapable as far individual well being is concerned. But who said it can’t be fun? Make working out a part of your daily routine by picking a sport of your own choice. Your exercising routine will then be more than just a box that needs to be checked off the to-do list. Give yourself a little treat once a day where you actually benefit your own self. Sports go a long way in improving one’s health objectives. Physical well being is only one aspect of this multi faceted and multi-purpose activity of sports.

Right from weight lifting, swimming and hockey to football and basketball, the scientific evidence supporting the benefits from all sports is overwhelming. The list would be endless if the simple advantages linked to the physical activities involved in Sports would be accounted for.  As
The Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace states, the direct links have outcomes ranging from prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and depression to enhancement of lung functions, bone efficiency, motor skills as well as cognitive functions. It is essential however, to know about the specific advantages that each sport can bring about in the lifestyle of individuals.


When once President Nelson Mandela abridged the enormous divide between the blacks and the whites through a rugby match, he called it not jut apolitical strategy but a “human calculation”. Soccer has been a stable and long standing source of world peace throughout history. The laurels brought from soccer are celebrated as proud achievements of the world’s most famous sport. What we derive from soccer is just as impressionable.

  1. With all the movement involved, soccer improves a person’s aerobic capacity and flexibility. As the player runs across the length and breadth of a football ground, he measures his stamina and strength to its fullest potential, sweating out all the lethargy and stiffness of the body. The training days only, can work on the endurance levels as well.
  2. Reports suggest that players who are engaged in soccer have better cardiovascular health than most of others. Movements involved in order to shift around the ball, tend to give the body an exertion in a total-body workout sense, hence enhancing the muscle toning of the player.
  3. What comes as an obvious outcome to all the sweating and exerting is the loss of body fat. While the weight loss can turn an already thin person to a skinny one, the body remains at its healthiest position given the consumption of the right diet alongside.
  4. All the shifts between walking, running and sprinting combine the best of all worlds in this game and have a huge contribution to increasing the bone as well as muscle strength in order to induce fitness into the individual’s body.
  5. Shifting the ball around is not an easy puzzle fit. The requirements come, as part of package with the need for skills of concentration, coordination and persistence. As self discipline is inculcated into the players, anxiety takes a drop making healthy improvements in levels of blood pressure and heart rate.

So pick out your most sporty shoes and don’t think twice before changing your schedule. It is not every day that you get a chance to kick your way to fitness.


The memory of helping their fathers fix the ring onto the backyard pole can be found noted in almost every personal diary. Starting from small practice sessions whether for fun or means to bond with family, basketball is a household game before it turns professional with the only requirements being the basketball itself and the ring to put it through. But there is more to these backyard sessions of goofing around.

  1. Dribbling, running, shooting, passing and jumping are a few movements that the game of basketball involves. These athletic techniques are adept at burning calories at a surprisingly fast rate. According to KnojiConsumer Knowledge , an hour of religious basketball can burn within 630-750 calories in the normal human body.
  2. The simple acts of defence while playing against an opponent requires the body to maintain certain positions which work upon the muscle building and toning of parts like arms, thighs and even calf area. The sport also has the ability to develop one’s deltoids, traps, lower back, neck and core muscles. To put it short, it is a total body workout.
  3. While constructing the strength of the player, there is also improvement in the endurance levels of the individual. The key skills of flexibility, agility and speed are also polished through the sport as it demands the layer to be in good physical shape.
  4. The motor coordination undergoes a drastic transformation as every movement of and control over the ball picks on the hand-eye coordination that also determines how good a player is, at the sport.
  5. A major benefit comes to the cardiovascular health during the game of basketball as the body movements exercise the heart and lungs as well. Attention control is a prerequisite for an aspiring basketball player, without which there can be no progress except a haphazard, disordered movement on the court.

The next time you see a hoop and a ball, grab your shoes and start shooting. Nothing could be better than some company for opponents, but the best part about this sport is that you can go solo just as well!




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We always knew that life without water isn’t possible. But how many of us knew that water makes our lives so much better? ESPN rates the activity of swimming in the list of strength training sports of all times. The fruits that one gets out from swimming provide testament to that.

  1. The perfect idea of those looking for weight loss programs, swimming comprises of some major cardiovascular and muscle strengthening Since water has twelve times the resistance of air, it is a much better workout to develop lean muscle mass than other exercises. Shoulders, back, abdominals and hips are the core muscle groups that feel the direct impact of the strokes. Reports also support increased bone strength amongst swimmers.
  2. The count of calories burned comes as easily to a swimmer as the mere act of swimming. Since the basic need to be good at the sport, is speed and stamina, it is great at shedding off fat. The number of muscles that are employed during swimming multiply the rate of caloric expenditure, which on an average stands at 325-450K for each 30minute session.
  3. The pool is the perfect place for a patient of arthritis, musculoskeletal problems or sore joints to exercise. Physical limitations like obesity are also overcome in the water which has a buoyancy making working out in water a zero-impact exercise. The water and especially if heated can help loosen up stiff joints bringing relief to the patient while working out.
  4. The sport also eliminates the tendency to isolate one body part at a time and instead replace with a complete body motion. Every stroke stretches the body from head to toe and makes the joints and ligaments flexible for further movements.
  5. As out forth by the American Heart Association on How Stuff Works the reduction in coronary heart disease can be as great as 30-40% with just 30 minutes of swimming per day. The improved pumping by the heart instigates better flow into the body and also reduces blood pressure. It can even combat the body’s inflammatory response.

It is time you started using that pool for more than just the Sunday relaxation period, isn’t it? Here is an exercise that allows scope for no excuses and only uses. Don’t wait for the whistle, just dive in!


It was no later than grade I that we were taught to memorise that the national sport of the country of India is hockey. Somewhere in the songs of praise for Sir Dhyanchand of the Indian team of the same, we lost the meaning and purpose of the sport. However it goes beyond being just a textual fat and lesson. The health benefits can easily be considered a catalyst to the fitness levels of those who practice the game.

  1. With the leg movements that they are required to make, the muscular strength of hockey players is known to be high, as is their athletic performance. The strength training workout that the sport provides, helps build bone strength and connective tissues hence decreasing the risk of injuries during other activities.
  2. As is accorded to every sport, hockey boosts your cardiovascular health thereby increasing your heart and breathing rate. The outcomes show a discernible impact on the health of the individual, helping the body in weight loss and calorie burn.
  3. It is in the nature of the game of hockey, played whether on ice or field, to induce a start-stop motion into the players’ routine. This alternating between moments of rest and vigorous activity or max interval training, improves the metabolism of the individual.
  4. The skills that a person needs to remain part of the sport consist mainly of speed, stamina and agility. Ice hockey as well as field hockey also functions as an enhancer for energy levels and power required on the field.
  5. While the typical dealings of any form of exertion hold the capacity to heal depression, stress and anxiety in individuals, hockey adds to these brain boosts. The hormones released during the practice of this sport also better decision making skills amongst the players.

An all round development is what researchers say that the sport of hockey can bring to a person’s life. The benefit and lessons learnt during the game carry on for more than just brief periods of entertainment.


The age old myth that weight lifting is for the men is now a misconception of the past. A pair of weights goes a long way in defining the health of the body if taken in the right stride. The ones who know would be more than willing to acknowledge the transformation that they have experienced using their hands and that set of dumbbells.

  1. Proper training ensures that the build up of muscles eventually leads to the toning and defining of the same while giving the body a lean look and shape. In fact this sport helps put on non-bulky muscles that are proven to enhance performance in endurance sport activities.
  2. Going by the findings of Lean It Up a high intensity 1 hour session of weight lifting can burn up to 500 calories. It comes as a catalyst to bodily metabolism, elevating the rate of calorie burns even post workout. The muscle growth automatically reduces body fat and fights against obesity.
  3. As a form of resistance exercise, weight lifting tends to increase manifold the adaptive signal strength of muscles. It has the capacity to double the benefits of cycling and running in order to streamlining the nervous system.
  4. One of the major breakthroughs that this sport has been found to be supporting is that of the prevention of Osteoporosis. Similar to the progress of muscles, bones tend to adapt to the stress of weightlifting by growing stronger. The improved bone density also helps to reduce the risk of fractures.
  5. By working on the core muscles, the stiffness of the spine can also be fought off. Pain in the lower back is an avoidable one and weightlifting helps one to maintain better posture.


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A WHO survey concludes that every “one in four patients visiting a health service has at least one mental, neurological or behavioural disorder, but most of these disorders are neither diagnosed nor treated”. This is treated by scientists in the wake of the fact that simple physical exertion if carried out to an extent of the minimum that the body demands, can have therapeutic impacts on the various psychological disorders that patients suffer from. History pays testimony to the use of sports as a form of treatment of communicable as well as non communicable diseases by nations on the globe. As experts suggest, it is not wise to lose out on the benefits that you can gather from the practice of sports. Physical, social and psychological advantages put together make this habit more than just a normal healthy one, but a package of comprehensive well being of individuals.

Fitness is our priority here. And if you have set your head to it, boredom is just another pebble you’ll soon be walking over. Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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