Strong is the new sexy!

Strong is the new sexy!


Strong is the new sexy!

And you probably thought losing all the bulges will make you look sexy TODAY! Umm you might want to correct yourself there ladies. During a conversation with a male friend about staying fit he said all a woman needs to do to look good and lose weight is “stop eating”. This viewpoint intrigued me ask the same question to other friends and acquaintances and guess what I got the same answer. Is it that simple? A woman’s body is nothing less than a beautiful piece of art and therefore it looks best with some definition to it. Don’t misconstrue my statement as any prejudices. You do have a right to have a figure you are comfortable with and every woman is beautiful with any body size. It’s the society and fashion and a whole lot of other factors that determine a favorable sized woman. And it’s not something new, it’s been happening with women since the ancient times. Different eras have a different definition to a woman’s body size. Let me tell you how the idea of a woman’s ideal body has changed from time to time.

  • Ancient Egypt – ancient Egyptians wanted their women to be slender and high – waisted with a symmetrical faces and narrow shoulders.
  • Ancient Greece – Greeks were in for light skin colored and full bodied women.
  • Han Dynasty – the second imperial dynasty of China preferred slim waist pale-skin women with large eyes and small tiny feet.
  • Victorian England – the British women were mostly full bodied but with a clinched waist and to achieve this figure they would don corsets.
  • Italian Renaissance – Italians back then were all about big boobs, fuller- hips rounded stomach and fairer skin.
  • Heroin chic – this one was in the 90’s and women were then expected to be extremely thin moreover androgynous.

And today is all about the right curves at right places. According to a survey men prefer women who head for cross fit or weights section instead of a treadmill. But women somehow are afraid to lift weights. And the only reason they all have is the fear of bulking up and hulking out. Ladies! Please understand biologically a female body just can’t make muscle. You need testosterone to make muscle and we all know women have nothing do with testosterone. A woman produces very minuscule level of testosterone, definitely not what it takes to build muscle. Lifting weights will only make you look more desirable and toned. With all due respect, the over-sized women you see with over-sized muscles are not natural, they are on steroids and muscle mass-gainers. Minus the steroids and you will have a perfectly shaped body? I feel elated and relieved at the same time when I see a shift from skinny to toned women among masses. Also the fact that the fashion industry is taking a note of it and putting more toned and full-figured voluptuous women on the runway is critical to improving body-image in people of all age and size. The road to gaining strength is not that difficult. Follow these simple steps to start the strengthening process.

  • perform specific exercises for specific body part each day

Assign each day to one body part. For e.g. chest, arms, legs, back. Repetitive movement of one particular muscle leads to muscle building.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet

Building muscle needs more energy and right kind of food intake. You need a perfect proportion of protein and other micro-nutrients.

  • Rest days

Take it or leave it rest days are super important. To me rest days are worse than anything else. I don’t like to even take a day off from the gym. But the fact remains ‘rest is important’. It’s during this time that that your muscles recover and eventually give results.

Moves to get strong

Also here are 3 workouts that one can start with to strength train.



Image Source : tribesports

Pulls-ups are the secret to people with strong well-shaped back. It also gives a proper shape to your shoulders. It’s kind of a wholesome exercise. It may be difficult for beginners and you will get a hang of it once you get use to it.


Image Source : tribesports

Want a round booty and strong hamstrings? Go for bodyweight lunges i.e. without weight and eventually when you get comfortable with basic lunges you go for weighted lunges.



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This workout doesn’t really need an introduction but push- ups are the best for strengthening upper body.  Upper body is inclusive of chest, shoulders, core, back. There are a lot of variations to it but for beginners one can with knees on the floor.

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