Train Alone- Its You You and only you

Train Alone- Its You You and only you


Train Alone- Its You VS You

The question is how can you expect people to understand your struggles your goals your journey? It’s your journey and yes you will have to walk it by yourself, no one can ever walk it for you. Likewise, training is a step forward to your own goals, how do you think people will manage to keep up with your aspirations. They might actually end up breaking you down. Fill yourself with loads of motivation beforehand. Hit the gym only if you feel it from inside. Going there every-day and wasting your time hoping to find some motivation might be helpful initially but it’s not something you can rely on for a lifetime. Stand naked in front of a mirror every single day and you will realize why you need to work-out. And who says you are alone when working out, make iron and music your best friend and trust me they will never let you down. Who says you are single, get in a seductive relationship with your work-out. In case you just can’t perform without partner or a bunch of people around you should go for yoga, Pilates or other group classes. Weight training can totally be performed without a partner. I can say it because I do it myself. And it’s the best part of my day because training is not an option but the only option for me. Remember lions don’t hunt in herds. Learn to trust yourself. It’s your body that will stay with you for life so protect it mates!

I prefer to train alone.    

“It enables me to concentrate on the lessons that the iron has for me.Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential,It’s impossible to turn back…….”

                                                                                           –HENRY ROLLINS

I want to state some very personal reasons I feel training alone is the best. Training alone is that scared time of the day which is all about me, my progress, my health, my abs, my booty. Besides you can always find a trainer or a spotter around to fix you in case you are stuck or struggling once in a while. You don’t need a full time partner for it. It’s an experience that can’t be shared with anyone.

  • You own the world

Lifting that iron without anyone’s help is an achievement hands down. The feeling you get when you are resting for 20-30 seconds between the sets is of a champion.  Moving around all by your self is like you own the world. Training alone gives you a sense of command. You win a double whammy if you train alone and train hard. You would be noticed the most. Who do you notice more in the image below?



Image Source : favim
  • Tells you your place

You are doing squats on the smith machine and increase weight on the barbell. Now you have two options, in case you have a partner he will give you a hand to complete the set but if you go solo you will motivate yourself to complete the job on your own. Which option is better? If you need help then you should reduce the weight because your body is still not ready to take it. You need more strength to keep up with it. It gives you a real picture of what you are capable of right now. Bodybuilding is a slow process, don’t rush into it. What you can lift alone is what you can actually lift!


  • You are the boss

Training with a person more passionate than you will force you to over- train. Whereas training with a person less-passionate than you will eventually kill off your motivation too. Who has the time and energy to look for people on the same mission as you? You are best judge of your body therefore go solo. Work out as early or as late as you want as per your convenience.  Do the workout you want to do that particular day with the number of reps you want to do.



Image Source :fastcompany


  • You become dependent

Imagine you killed your workout with your partner the whole week and next week he’s going for a vacation. Would you be able to keep up the same way without him/her like you did the last week? It’s because somewhere in the mind you are dependent on the idea of you both working-out together and limiting yourself to the thought that you can only do it with your partner. Trust your-self, you alone are more than enough to kill it.


  • A little more respect for yourself

Completing all the sets by yourself with that happy heavy weight on any part of your body without any ones help is something you will be happy and proud about at the end of the day.


  • No waiting, no wasting time

The More the Merrier. The more the people with you the more time you will waste chit-chatting, resting, waiting for each other. Get rid of all this and train alone so you can only concentrate on your work-out.


  • Hog machines

Now, I have seen 3-4 people working out together. And 3-4 people on one machine is like no-one else can use it till you are done. Be considerate about others. Time is precious.