13 flat tummy tips

13 flat tummy tips


13 flat tummy tips

Tummy or the abdominal area has always been a health parameter says medical experts. The bigger the gut the more prone you are to diseases. Having a bigger gut is like inviting lifetime medical conditions. A fact that a lot of people are not aware of is that abdominal fat is directly related to fat in other parts of the body. Flat stomach is majorly a result of compound exercises which focuses on abs and other bigger muscles together. The best compound workouts are weighted squats, dead lifts, push and pull ups. Besides these compounds exercises one must do separate abs workout every alternated day for a more refined effect.

Yes abs are made in the kitchen but sculpted in the gym! Here are 13 tips and tricks for a flat stomach.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety produces cortisol. It’s a hormone that encourages body to store fat especially in the gut region. Try deep breathing when stressed out. Keep your anxiety in check.

2.  Keep yourself full

Not eating sends your body into starvation mode which will cause it to store added fat for energy (out of fear of not being fed) rather than burning fat.


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3.  Full body workout

Keep your cardio in check. Cardio is not all about running. Go for high intensity interval training here. HIIT contributes a lot to a flatter tummy.

4.  Work all angles

We says abs workout and we think of crunches. Regular crunches only hit the upper abs. what about the mid-section and lower abs? Work your abs to exhaustion here.

5.  Hit snooze

An uninterrupted 8-hour sleep is a must for good health. It’s when you sleep, your muscles repair. Besides this good sleep at right keeps you mental health in check and also keeps you away from binge eating. You tend to eat more due to lack of sleep.



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6.  Watch the sugar

Sugar in the form of fruits and vegetables is a big yes. Don’t go for any processed sugar i.e. pastries, donuts or likewise. Sugar is the only food item that always ends up in your gut. Therefore sugar is definitely not for people wanting to have a flat tummy. Sugar is no reward.


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7.  Potassium check

Your body can retain water when your sodium and potassium levels are out of whack, says Bannan. In addition to keeping sodium in check, consume potassium-rich foods to maintain the balance and de-puff your belly.

8.  Be proactive

If your body’s bacteria fall off balance, it might lead to slow digestion eventually leading to bloating. Yogurt and other probiotic drinks may help maintain these bacteria levels.


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9.  Constipation

Regular stool discharge is a sign of healthy digestion. Irregular stools cause acidity leading to bloating. Bloating is an enemy of flat stomach. Do everything possible to stay from it.

10.  No fried foods

The fat in fried foods is digested more slowly, which can cause you to feel heavy and puffy, And who really wants to chow down on greasy mozzarella sticks while wearing a teeny tiny bikini?

11.  Ditch diet foods

Sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and mannitol are used as sweeteners in diet products. These alcohols cause acidity in the intestine making it much worse. It the real stuff once in a while, it won’t kill you.


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12.  Keep salt in check

Salt is sodium and yes your body does need a little sodium to function. The amount of sodium we eat causes water retention in the gut. Forego the processed food items and go for the home-made food so you can control the salt intake.

13.  Sneak In abs workout when possible.

Drawing your navel in toward your spine provides isometric training for the abdominals, meaning the muscles aren’t lengthening or shortening, but there is tension on the muscle fibers. Do it in the shower, at work, wherever.



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