7 kickass ways to control your food cravings

7 kickass ways to control your food cravings


7 kickass ways to control your food cravings

“Control yourself or someone else will” and here someone else is the unhealthy garbage you are eating through and through. Only the stuff you allow will end up in your precious bodies. It’s your choice whether to satisfy your unhealthy food craving or not at the end of the day. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s not impossible. The world is full of great people with great control over their lifestyles. Opt for a healthier lifestyle and you will never regret it. Healthy eating is followed by a healthy body which is followed by a healthy mind which is finally followed by a stress free healthy life. Food Cravings are never real; it’s something that your mind makes up. Craving is a lot different from hunger. You should also know that there are two types of hunger i.e. physical and emotional hunger. More than 60% of time its emotional hunger that takes a toll on our mind and will-power.



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Physical hunger is genuine whereas the emotional hunger literally plays with your emotions leaving you feel all disgusted and dissatisfied at the end of it. The only rule that applies to weight loss is calorie intake should always be equal to calories burnt. You will never gain weight once you keep this fact in check. We all have cravings that we are guilty of but eventually give in. I have been there done that therefore I know it’s a challenge for most of us. Challenges add adventure to our lives so why run away from them. Let’s run towards them and BAMM! we will win. As I have personally been a part of this weight loss and staying fit process I have manage to figure out ways to fool our minds and get rid of unhealthy food cravings. Hope this helps.

  1. Eat naked in front of a mirror

The moment you feel your will power is going to betray you into eating that unhealthy thing just go naked and stand in front of a mirror with that food item you have been craving for. I bet you won’t be able to eat even a bite after you realize what you see in the mirror is what you are working on and want to change eventually.


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   2.  Change the taste in your mouth

It’s the current state of your taste buds compelling you eat that donut or pastry. Immediately eat or drink something to change the taste on your taste bud. For example you are craving a pizza just eat a fruit or a dry fruit or something healthier, you will see your craving for that pizza will stop which you wanted so bad few minutes before.

  3.  Create a situation/change the mood

This a great help to me. The moment you are craving something unhealthy and you want to break out of it just change the situation or mood you are into right now. Cravings have a lot to do with your psychological being, so trick your mind into a different feeling altogether. For example if you are alone doing nothing just start dancing or just start moving around in the house or may be just call someone and talk your time out. The idea is to break out of the current routine.

  4. Let there no option to wander

Throw away all the unhealthy options in your kitchen. Stuff your fridge and cabinets with healthiest options possible. So how do you think you can break out of this web? You will have no option but to eat it.


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  5.  Satisfy your real craving

What your body wants is very different from what your minds wants. This is how it works.


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  6.  Start working out

An hour of sheer hard-work either in the gym or out of it is what will have a direct impact on your cravings. Why would anybody want to spoil their hard-work for just a moment of pleasure? When you know you are working hard you will control yourself no matter what.

  7.  Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you

Spend more time with people who believe in eating and living healthy. They will encourage you to achieve your goal. I am sure you would think twice before ordering a pizza when everyone else is having a salad.


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