To all my skinny, underweight mates!

To all my skinny, underweight mates!


To all my skinny, underweight mates!

Books, magazines, internet has always been about losing weight. It looks like the world is more sympathetic towards the fat brigade and has completely forgotten about the skinny people dying to gain in some weight. Who is going to address the skinny mates’ problems huh? The population of unhappy skinny people may be marginal but yes they do exist. The problem is not always about the ‘bulging fat’ but of the ‘no fat’ sometimes too! I don’t think anybody wants to be skinny; everybody wants to be hefty in the right places. Strong is the new sexy is on a rage out n out. I feel skinny or underweight people have the opportunity that over- weight people keep looking for. The opportunity to have a base-body. Skinny people have a base on which they can just start building but for the heavy ones they have to go all the way round i.e. they first have to create a base and then start sculpting their bodies. Besides this, underweight people also have the choice to gain weight on either fat or muscle. It’s always good to gain weight by building some lean muscle rather than fat. The more the fat the more you are prone to diseases. But muscles come with no side-effects.

Here are some tips for you to gain in some healthy pounds:

  1. Avoid empty calories

When I say empty calories I mean calories that are not doing any good to us. You may also call them the bad fat. Now, there is good fat and bad fat. Good fats are necessary for body to function, for e.g. avocados, almonds etc. Bad fat is what you need to keep in check for e.g. pastries, cakes and all the other processed foods. Eat some concrete food!

  1. Supplements is not the answer

Market is flooded with supplements. Again, please understand the meaning of the word ‘supplement’. It can only support or add a bit to your regime of right nutrition and exercise.  It doesn’t have the tendency to make or break your physique. The only supplement you need for the start is whey protein. And besides whey you only need these supplements once you get regular with a workout regime.


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   3. Make eating a habit

For people trying to gain weight eating is not an option but a necessity. Gaining or losing weight are both determined by your nutrition intake. The people with weight gain issues have a very speedy metabolism therefore they should keep eating so that the body gets more to metabolize.


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   4. Start resistance or weight training

Underweight people do not need cardio. You don’t need to burn calories, you need to pile up calories and use them to weight train. Weight training will keep a check on the bad fat and will only sculpt your body with some good looking lean muscle.

w3   5. Your workout should fall under an hour

As we are talking about weight gain therefore your aim should be to train harder without wasting your time. Don’t drag your workout. Just train hard for 45 minutes followed by some rest without wasting any more energy. Eat well and pile up your energy for your next day workout. Make sure your workout is progressing every single day.

6. Consider a mass- gainer

Yes mass- gainer is a supplement. As the very name suggests it helps you gain mass or weight. It’s actually fats in the powder form. It can be taken as a food replacement. It has all the good fat your body needs. But remember excess of everything is bad and so are these supplements.

7. Eat late at night

Studies have proved that people who eat late at night have higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than the ones who don’t. Just eat one more time before you sleep, try to eat food that contains nutrients. Don’t hog on food so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep and also stay away from foods that will cause you to bloat at night. To get rid of bloating here is a list of food items you should avoid. To add to this list is drinking excess of water especially after a heavy meal. Keep yourself hydrated but in moderation.



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