Workout FAQ’s we all have

Workout FAQ’s we all have


Workout FAQ’s we all have

I am more than happy to write this article because takes me back to the time when I started weight training. Just like any naïve would I had my share of doubts too. My insecurities did hover over me a while but I said to myself ‘if not now, when? If not me, who? There are people who really want to start some real workout and to them all I want say is just ‘START’. A curious and a person who really wants to do it will find a way. That’s how I did it for sure. All you need is an internet connection. Start looking for anything you want start with initially.  You will find ample motivation to start with also some beginner moves to start with. Besides I am going to state some frequently asked questions that people have before entering the fitness world.

  • Should I first take care of my diet and then think about working about?

Two pillars of a good physique are nutrition and exercise. It has to go hand in hand. A workout can never outdo a bad diet and an incomplete nutrition will result in loss of energy you need to perform a power packed workout.

  • How many times a week do I need to work out?

There is no counting days for gymaholics because gym is not one of the priorities but the only priority. They go everyday with off-course one rest day in between and perform every single workout with same grit and dedication. But for those who have rigid work schedules or reasons likewise can go 4 days a week approach. But I would still suggest you to keep up with it for the whole week.

  • How much time will it take to reach my goal?

That’s too soon to say. Everything comes down to the level of effort you are ready to put in. half hearted effort will always result in half-hearted results. You have probably hogged onto food years and now expecting a result in few months is not fair. It’s a process that’s absolutely worth its time.

  • Foods to eat before and after workout?

A pre-workout snack was invented for people who have little to no energy to perform a tedious workout. So basically if you have enough energy you don’t really need to eat anything before the workout. But yes you definitely need an immediate fuelling with a good protein shake. Here is the list of foods you can eat before and after a workout.

  • Is weight training good for beginners?

Weight training is good for everyone. Anyone on the planet can go for weight training. I’d say make weight training a part of your everyday regime. Weight training gives a definition to your body. Weights are not scary; make them your best friends.

  • Can I build muscle on a vegan diet?

I am vegan and I know it takes a little more for a vegan to gain muscle but not impossible definitely. That’s due to lack of protein in our diets. Protein is the building block of muscles. Therefore to keep up with your protein intake, make these foods a part of all your meals.

  • What should I do first cardio or weights?

Always do cardio after weight training.

  • What should be my regime for the week?

Firstly make sure you know your problem area. Train your problem area twice a week. Don’t train one particular muscle every day. There has to be a rest of 48hrs between each muscle group for them to recover. It’s only you abdominal muscles that you can train after 24hrs as they recover quickly.

  • I don’t want to bulk up (from women)

This a regular question from every woman. Again, no you will not become bulky if you lift weights. Instead it will sculpt your bodies. Its 21st century ladies and the idea is to become strong no skinny. Iron is addictive once you realize what it does to your body. You can start lifting here.


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  • Still sore, should I work out tomorrow?

Soreness from a workout is no big deal. It’s the sweet fruit that your hard-work has bore for you. It’s an achievement. Soreness is a result of your muscles waking up so just fall in love with it. It’s not harmful to your body instead it’s a proof that you are working your ass off. Do not stop working out no matter how bad it is.

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