Xpressions will do well for you.

Xpressions will do well for you.


Xpressions Health Club

Sleep-deprived always-on-the-go college student A: “I’m done with this schedule of snubbing myself. It’s time to get rid of this flab and put on some muscles. I’m joining the campus gym tomorrow.”

Supportive, health-conscious and informed friend B: “Well, that sounds like a good call. Xpressions will do well for you.”
This is how a conventional conversation between two students of University of Delhi takes ground. The name ‘Xpressions’ is more than familiar amongst colleges ranging across the span of North Campus with students residences situated at not more than a distance of 10 minutes, off and about, from the health club. Whether it is their Salon, their Health club or the Make-up art studio, Xpressions has managed to gain what can be called a virtual monopoly over its investments targets. Mr. Montu Singh, the instructor to the gym since 3 years spared some time for a few words trying to build an explanation for our sake about what it takes to sustain the whole craze behind this place.


Question: Tell us about the Health Club.

Answer: Well, what is there to tell?
He stops to look around the gym and there is a silent laughter implying the simple understanding that we both know that the gym has come a long way from having to advertise itself.
It is project by the team of Xpressions. The brains behind the venture are those of Mr. Sanjeev Ghai, the founder who established the place in the year 2005. 28, Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar; ten years on, there has been no looking back for the place to which I have been affiliated for a little over 3 years now. I think the equipments and facilities justify its triumphs. You must have noticed that we don’t look very fancy. But each and every service provided to the members is up to mark. Body building, body shaping, strength training, cardio or weight control, we have personalised training for everything and everyone. The narrow entrance and corridors give people a picture that soon is amended by the reality of our facilities. We can boast of provisions like steppers, jogging track, proper locker facility, even steam and sauna baths. With our diet consultations we feel we are in a good position to guide people who come looking for help. Everything from our treadmills to our physio screening provides us with the confidence that we have brought under roof, solutions to most of people’s problems and uncertainties.


Question: How do you go about the training of new members to prepare them for the physical activity? Do mention, if there is any criteria of accepting members.

Answer: Being a student friendly enterprise, we hold no criteria for joining our Health Club. It is for anyone and everyone who wishes to start working out.  Almost every alternate day, we list down a new individual intention for signing up with us. Some want to lose weight while others have a set picture of themselves developing mass on the right areas. We have skinny boys walking in, who want us to build on their muscles. Obviously there are genuine cases who wish to work out and join this regime for the mere sake of physical fitness as well. It goes without saying that we deal with each one of them differently. I’m one person, but feel equipped enough to assist all these people who require plans as different as cheese and chalk. We start with diet. I feel the three most essentials in the life of a healthy man/woman are diet, rest and workout, in that respective order. You can sweat it all out for hours and hours at a go but will fail to achieve your goals without rest. Compulsive and obsessive training needs to be controlled. I introduce discipline in these people’s lives. No good comes out of long sessions of working beyond your capacity, which can last only till your body can gather the strength to not give up on even simple movements. As their personal trainer, I help them record and track their progress.


Question: How do you deal with extreme cases where losing weight or growing muscles or just sweating turns into more of an obsession than a concern?

Answer: Like I said, there is no dearth of ambitions, goals or wishes amongst people. They come to us for guidance and results. So that’s what I believe in giving them. In order to lose weight or build muscles, people tend to take to extremes. Elongated durations of gym turn into a molehill of concern when they start picking up on habits of consuming supplements and also steroids. As a professional I am not against proteins or even supplements. While even these can be risky if not practiced under professional advice, steroids are an absolute no-no. In my own capacity, I try and train people towards a healthy growth.

Question: What would your story of entering the fitness industry be? How did you decide to finally work with this establishment?

Answer: To be honest, there is no story. I had passed out from school and was looking for a job. I have been working out since a while now, about 9 years. A gym opening hence, seemed like the most fitting occupation to engage myself in. The first two years I was working with another academy before shifting to Xpressions for good. I am the only instructor in this gym and my pride knows no end. I am good at this. What else do we need to look in our workplace, right? Five years down the line, the industry has caught me for a long while now.


Question: To end with, I would request on behalf of the readers, your personal fitness schedule and message to the people.

Answer: As the instructor, I am the best bet people place while judging the gym. If we have to attract people, they need to be sure that we know what we are doing. So it is essential that I maintain myself as much as we maintain the gym. Being a fitness fanatic, it doesn’t come as too tough upon me. I am a hard worker. I expend to gain muscles. Weight gain has never been an issue that I had to tackle as I was always conscious about such effects on my body. My diet is controlled and consists of protein intakes as well as supplements. But then again, I have been here for too long now to know how to balance my life without leading it to its own demise.

Having been a coach for 5 years now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the intention as long as it makes people act upon those thoughts and knowledge of the need for physical fitness and health. It is the approach where they go wrong. I only have one advice that I would want to spread to fitness fanatics everywhere is that there are no shortcuts to your path of desires. With a patient will and determination, you get closer and closer to your goal each day, but the use of shortcuts is only going to hamper your progress if anything. Don’t spoil the hard work and stay away from unnecessary and harmful inclinations.


The manager drops few words for the gym to mention that it tries to incorporate fun and fitness. It has a wide range of equipment to help you lose weight, tone your body or just stay fit. An audio system with good music, air conditioned rooms and a water dispenser at all times, Xpressions Health Club wishes to serve as many people as it can and serve them well.