High intensity – An ultimate Fat Loss

High intensity – An ultimate Fat Loss



In addition to helping you shed fat, the goal of this article is to introduce you to the exercises and get you familiar with the effort you will need to put forth throughout. It is important to choose your loads wisely because using great technique and adhering to the rest periods are critical for keeping you injury free and helping you drop any unwanted body weight. Prepare for your heart rate to go up and your pants size to go down.

Short Circuit

Circuit training is a great way to burn fat while maintaining a resistance element in your training program (meaning you reduce the risk of losing muscle while dropping body weight). The key to circuits is to keep moving—so reduce the rest intervals to 30 seconds or less. Your muscles will be burning, you’ll be gasping for air, and you’ll be sweating as if you just crossed the Sahara, but these sacrifices will be worth it. There’s simply no better way to torch fat inside the gym.

short circuit

Circuit Maximus

Most circuses have so much going on it’s hard to know where to look at first. This workout uses so many major muscle groups in one workout, you’ll have a hard time figuring out which one is being challenged the most. By alternating between upper and lower body exercises using major compound movements, this metabolic challenge could just be “the greatest workout on earth.”


Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker workout utilizes multi-joint compound  movements with short rest periods. This combination of factors drives up metabolic and cardio respiratory demand to a level that may just break your mind, spirit, and soul.Complete this workout and prove to yourself that you can rise to any challenge.

Super Circuit

When training for general fitness, strength, and mobility, always choose a high-bar barbell back squat as opposed to a low bar. The high bar, in which the barbell sits on your upper traps, allows for more range of motion as well as an upright torso position—both of which are advantageous in sport and everyday tasks. A low-bar squat should be chosen only as an occasional variation or if you are looking  to compete in power lifting. Otherwise keep the bar high and your chest tall.